Life at McAuley House

Recreational spaces

The girls enjoy a number of recreational spaces indoors and out. We have a large recreation room next to the dining room for watching movies, playing games, and relaxing. There are additional rec rooms on each floor equipped with TV, couches, and soft furnishings.
At the entrance to boarding, the girls enjoy the swinging chairs, garden, water feature and casual seating.

Outside the dining room the girls have a casual dining area to have brunch on a Sunday or to enjoy a BBQ on the weekends.

Our newly established fire pit area is very popular, allowing the girls to gather, toast marshmallows, cook damper and rest in the hammocks listening to music.


The girls enjoy a healthy and varied menu through Gather by Cater Care.

“Nourishing students and bringing the schooling community together through the celebration of food.”

Our dining room is a space where the girls and their friends gather to share a meal, conversation, and each other’s company.

We enjoy opening our dining rooms to parents and guests and to celebrate special occasions and milestone.

All dietary requirements are catered for, please discuss these with the Boarding Manager.


Laundry services

McAuley house has modern, well-equipped laundries on both floors. In Year 7 all laundry is taken care of by our Laundry staff and support offered to all other year levels for their personal washing if needed. Uniforms are washed and ironed daily to ensure our girls present well. All bedding and towels are laundered weekly.