Learning support and enrichment

The College is committed to providing holistic education opportunities for all students to ensure individual success and growth. Our Learning Support team works collaboratively with parents / carers, teachers and support officers to develop programs and strategies to support learning and to help each student achieve their potential.

Learners who require additional literacy and numeracy support are placed in small classes with an expert teacher and regular support officer assistance. These classes are small with a focus on high-impact literacy approaches such as, the College’s Reading Improvement Strategy, note-taking, vocabulary instruction and writing instruction. Students also receive executive functioning support, which includes guiding them with their organisation, attention to the task, task completion and understanding different points of view when reading texts.

The College also incorporates the You Can Do It program to ensure that students have the opportunity to develop a growth mindset and set goals.


St Saviour’s College further supports students’ learning by operating a free tutoring program on Thursday afternoons from 3.15pm - 4.00pm. Staff from a range of subject areas are present to assist with homework, revision and assessments. Our tutoring program is open to students from all years and is a valuable opportunity for students to access extra support.