Sport at St Saviour’s College is a vital co-curricular program that supports students’ wellbeing by providing the development of individual skills, teamwork, humility, discipline and self-esteem. St Saviour’s College offers a wide range of sports and activities which focuses on participation and can cater for different scenarios including team or group-based opportunities which value student interest, venue availability and staff expertise.

  • We believe that every student has the right to participate in sport that promotes their health and wellbeing.
  • Pride in the badge. Our sporting uniforms reflect our Mercy Values.
  • Students deserve equitable opportunities to participate in sport.
  • Character traits such as sportsmanship, honesty, excellence, commitment, resilience and perseverance form an integral part of our involvement in sport.
  • To foster a lifelong commitment to health and wellbeing.
  • The ability to promote and develop House and school spirit.


St Saviour’s College is a member of the Toowoomba Secondary Schools Sports Association (TSSS) which allows students their first step into the Darling Down (DD) region in representative school sport. St Saviour’s College also organises Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals which again allow students to compete at the TSSS and DD carnivals. St Saviours College competes in a Wednesday Afternoon Sport program for students in Years 7-10 and selected students in Years 11 and 12.S

The College has affiliations with the following local clubs.

• Toowoomba Netball Association (TNA)
• Toowoomba Volleyball Association (TVA)
• Australian Futsal Association (AFA)
• Downs Rugby
• Toowoomba Rugby League (TRL) Valleys and Southern Suburbs Rugby
• Southwest Queensland and Toowoomba Touch Football
• Toowoomba Basketball Association (TBA)

The following sports are offered at St Saviours College.


  • St Saviour’s College Swimming Carnival
  • TSSS Swimming Carnival
  • Darling Downs Swimming Carnival

Cross Country

  • St Saviour’s College Cross Country
  • Darling Downs Cross Country


  • St Saviour’s College Athletics Carnival
  • TSSS Athletics Carnival (annually)
  • Darling Downs Secondary Schools Athletics Carnival (August)


  • McDonalds Cup Basketball
  • Armstrong Group Cup Basketball
  • Friday Night Basketball - Term 1


  • Saturday Club Netball Cadet 13-17 Division
  • Junior Vicki Wilson
  • Senior Vicki Wilson
  • Laura Geitz Netball

Touch Football

  • Toowoomba schools Touch Competition – Term 3
  • All Schools Touch Competition (Brisbane) – Term 4

Rugby League

  • Rugby League Gala Day
  • Rugby 9s
  • Rugby League Development program
  • Karyn Murphy Cup

Rugby Union

  • Southwest Rugby 7s Competition – Term 4
  • Rugby Union Development program


  • SSI Red Lion Cup (Senior) - Term 3
  • Bill Turner Cup (Junior) - Term 2
  • SWQ Futsal Alliance School


  • All schools Volleyball Cup
  • Tuesday Night Volleyball Competition (all year)

TSSS & Darling Downs Sports

  •  Various trials for any sports students are interested in from 10-12 and 13-19 years.

Wednesday Sport

  • Kloud 9
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Soccer
  • NRL Rugby League
  • Golf
  • Walking
  • Indoor Sports
  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Netball
  • Ten Pin Bowling

Sporting Schools

Funding is applied for various sports which is utilised through curriculum and weekday sporting programs.

Sports Awards Afternoon

  • Year 12 – end of Term 3
  • Year 7-11 – end of Semester 2