College Uniform
The wearing of school uniform is a pledge of loyalty to the College and an important contribution to the College tone. The wearing of the regulation uniform is a condition on enrolment. All items of College uniform must be kept in good repair, be well fitting, clean, neat and ironed. All items MUST be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
Uniforms are to be worn at the following times:
* When travelling to and from the College
* At the College
* At formal College Functions
* When representing the College
* Students who are not in full uniform are NOT permitted to attend any school-based event.


Summer Uniform (Term 1 and 4)
White Short sleeved blouse (red piping)
Red tie
Mid-calf white socks
College striped skirt – below the knee
College white straw hat
College V-necked pullover
Black leather lace up shoes (no buckles, casual styles, raised heels, coloured stitching, or eyelets are permitted)

Winter (Term 2 and 3)
White long-sleeved blouse (red piping)/ White Short sleeved blouse (red piping)
Red tie
Black opaque tights
College striped skirt - below the knee
College white straw hat
College V-necked pullover
College Green Blazer (optional)
Black leather lace up shoes (no buckles, casual styles, raised heels, coloured stitching or eyelets are permitted)

If the weather conditions are such, then a transition period between season uniforms may be confirmed.

Sports Uniform
College sport short with monogram
College polo top with monogram
Trainers with supportive soles (no canvas shoes permitted)
College sports cap or bucket hat
White sport anklet socks
College tracksuit – pants and jacket
College sport spray jacket (may not be worn on non-sport days)

Students who choose subjects requiring the sports uniform or any other type of uniform (hospitality, HPE, etc) MUST change into the uniform for lessons and then back into the formal uniform at the completion of these practical sessions.

Make-up and Nail Polish
Students are only permitted to wear a natural looking tinted moisturiser. No other cosmetics, including eyeliner, mascara, blush, eye shadow, lipstick or coloured lip gloss are to be worn with the uniform. No coloured (including white) nail polish or fake nails are permitted.

Collar length hair (or longer), must be tied back and up at all times using plain hairbands or ribbons, and all hair must remain a natural colour and style. Headbands with bows or any other detail, unnatural colours or styles (for example, pink, blue, purple, green, etc) and hair extensions are not permitted.

Students are permitted to wear a plain watch, a single pair of plain studs or sleepers, one earring per ear located at the bottom of the ear lobe. (no bigger than 5mm in size) There are to be NO other visible piercings. Nose rings, large or decorative earrings, facial jewellery, eg eyebrow piercing, lip piercings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, arm bands are not permitted. Any jewellery or other items worn to school that do not comply with the dress standards will be confiscated, sealed in an envelope and held in Student Services office until the end of term. A formal record of any infringement is maintained.

Hat Policy
As a school that promotes sun safety, it is compulsory for all students to wear their hat to and from the College each day. Hats must be worn whenever the student is outside the classroom environment. Students who do not wear their hat will be restricted to a designated shaded area. The correct hat will be required with the correct

Uniform Infringement Policy
The College will issue infringements on students' non-compliance with the uniform policy. In the situation where a student has received three infringements there will be a lunchtime detention issued and further non-compliance may result in an afterschool or weekend detention.

Uniform Shop
he St Saviour’s College Uniform Shop provider, Skool Dayz, offers a full range of uniforms and also a College backpack. The shop is located on the lower level of the Kate Reardon Block. Payment can be made by cash, debit card, Visa or Mastercard. 

The College expects the uniform to be correctly worn at all times and uniform items must be clearly named.

Opening Hours:

Monday 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Friday 3:00pm – 5:30pm

If you require an appointment outside of these hours please call 0481 318 398.

CRICOS Provider Code: 00517D / ABN: 88934244646029