House Structure

St Saviour’s College has a pastoral system of four houses – Coolock, Goretti, McAuley and Xavier. Students are allocated to a house for their time at St Saviour’s College and these houses provide the foundation for the College Wellbeing program. Each house contains 4 Home Classes with approximately twelve students from years 7 to 12. This allows the older students to mentor the younger students in their group. The Home class provides an environment where relationships between staff and students can be best developed, creating a welcoming culture where staff can be readily approached by students to address any questions or concerns, they might have.

Each House has an elected Senior Student House Leader who runs fortnightly House meetings on matters concerning upcoming events and giving a platform for student input. House Leaders promote House and College Spirit and students can earn points for their house through involvement across any of the four domains: Academic, Faith & Social Justice, Sport and Culture throughout the year. Belonging to a House and Home Class provides all staff, students, and their families with the opportunity to form positive and lasting relationships with students across all year levels.


Coolock House is where Catherine McAuley spent almost two decades caring for the elderly Callaghan couple. Compassion is a direct response exhibited by Catherine and the Callaghan’s for the care, love and nurture they continuously showed each other and their community.

Goretti House is named after Maria Goretti, a young Italian girl who was a martyr of the Church. Maria’s commitment to her faith led her to forgive her perpetrator from her death bed.

McAuley House takes its name from Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. The value of hospitality encourages a commitment to reach out to others, with friendship and warmth with the same manner Catherine McAuley showed to others.

Xavier House is named after St Francis Xavier, who was a missionary to the South Pacific. His determination encourages us to strive to achieve quality in all we undertake for the greater glory of god.

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