Benefits of an All Girls Secondary Education

In the dynamic educational landscape, St Saviour's College stands as a beacon of excellence, embodying the advantages of all-girls senior education in Australia. Our commitment to providing an environment where young women thrive academically and personally is underscored by recent research, solidifying the unique benefits of our educational approach.

The academic achievements of St Saviour's College is validated by a pivotal 2017 study published in the Australian Educational Researcher. This research unequivocally showcased that female students within our single-sex institution consistently outperformed their co-educated counterparts, particularly excelling in subjects traditionally burdened by gender stereotypes. At St Saviour's, we believe in the power of removing gender-related distractions, enabling our girls to focus wholeheartedly on their studies, resulting in commendable academic achievements.

The impact extends beyond high school, as evidenced by a comprehensive 2019 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This report revealed that girls' schools in Australia, including St Saviour's College, consistently produced higher rates of university entrance. This not only emphasizes the success of our students during their high school years but also signifies the lasting influence of our all-girls educational model, paving the way for continued accomplishments in tertiary education.

Beyond the realm of academics, St Saviour's College has been recognized for its commitment to cultivating self-confidence and leadership skills among students. Our College environment fosters an empowering space where girls can explore their capabilities without the constraints of gender biases and stereotypes. This resonates with the findings of the 2017 study and aligns with our mission to build a culture of confidence and self-esteem among our Mercy Girls.

The emphasis on empowerment is further amplified through our leadership development programs, as highlighted by a 2020 study conducted by the University of Sydney. This research delves into the positive correlation between single-sex education and the development of leadership skills among female students. At St Saviour's, our student leadership programs, extracurricular activities, and mentorship initiatives actively nurture a culture where our students are not only encouraged but empowered to assume roles of responsibility and leadership.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of educational paradigms, St Saviour's College remains dedicated to the multifaceted benefits of all-girls senior education. Our focus is on the holistic development of our students, from academic success and self-confidence to leadership skills and the creation of enduring support networks. The camaraderie and supportive atmosphere within our school provide our Mercy Girls with a space where they feel comfortable discussing both academic and personal challenges.

2024 School Bus Passes

Japanese Host Family Required

Southwest 7’s Rugby

The Southwest Rugby 7’s competition aims to give opportunities to experience a new sport while enjoying the time playing with your school mates in a social inter-school setting. This term we entered an U13 and an U15 team into this competition, with students from a range of experience levels signing up to give it a go.

The U13s are to be commended for their constant improvement throughout the term as they battled a difficult draw. Despite this, the team earned a position in a semi-final in the last round of fixtures with a chance to win the ‘plate’. The finals campaign started off with a fantastic 32-0 victory over Downlands Blue while Mary Mackillop awaited us in the big dance. The team was feeling the nerves and anticipation of this big game but didn’t get frightened by the occasion, saving their best performance for last earning a 33-5 victory in a thrilling game. Congratulations to all involved in the team.

U13 Rugby 7's Team ... Back row (l-r): Hanisi Pene (Hydration Specialist), Adela Feza, Joyce Litidamu, Hetta Murgha, Ofly Nuguse, Steff Coldstream, Will Wigan (coach). Front row: Rikeah Ross-Hart, Coretta Binge, Daeja Pene, Maddi Coldstream. Absent: Taya Fourmile.

Rugby 7's U13 Plate Champions.

The U15s are also to be commended for their constant improvement and hospitality as we welcomed students from Toowoomba State High School, TAS and St Joseph’s College into our team throughout the term. The team finished 11th overall, completing their season with a comprehensive victory over Highfields State Secondary College. Special mention to our manager Shari Dynevor and key players Lucinda Nomoa and Keasharn Sands-Hart who were unfortunately sidelined with injuries.

U15 Rugby 7's Team ... Will Wigan (coach), Shari Dynevor (Manager), Rheanna Wapau, Meg Barry, Kyree Bamaga, Liahni Naylon. Absent: Macie Creevey, Kye Flinders and Angel-May Monagle.

Australian Mathematics Competition

In early August, a group of selected students from Years 7 to 10 enthusiastically took part in a 75-minute problem-solving competition featuring 30 distinct challenges meticulously crafted by esteemed educators and academics. The primary objective was to stimulate and test the mathematical problem-solving ability of these students. This competition was none other than the prestigious Australian Mathematics Competition, which stands as the longest-running and highly regarded mathematical contest in Australia. Over the years, it has captivated and inspired numerous generations of primary and secondary students, introducing them to the fascinating world of mathematical problem solving.

Questions were drawn from core curriculum areas which included:

  • Basic arithmetic
  • Fractions and ratios
  • Algebra and pre-algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Statistics and probability
  • Problem-solving

Certificates of merit are awarded for each year level within a region as follows: participation, proficiency, credit, distinction and high distinction.

A proficiency certificate is awarded to a student who has demonstrated a sound level of achievement in mathematical problem solving. A credit certificate is awarded to a student has placed in the top 55% of their year level within the region. A distinction certificate is awarded to a student has placed in the top 20% of their year level within the region. A high distinction certificate is awarded to a student has placed in the top 3% of their year level within the region.

Students received their certificates at the end of last term and will be receiving detailed reports on how they went, specifically on each question.

Congratulations to all the students who participated and achieved either a participation, proficiency or credit certificate. A special congratulations to Hayley Norman (Year 8) for achieving the only distinction certificate as well as the ‘Best in School’ certificate.


YEAR 7: Vaishali Sondhi, Samantha Darlington, Ofly Nuguse, Nani Admassu, Emily Kuhn, Ajah Deng.
YEAR 8: Sophie Moore, Penny Sanders, Jathumitha Jesusebastian, Indiana Gartner, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Gianna Bijoy, Gabby Tomada, Emi Reuter, Clovelly Leonard, Ava Crighton.
YEAR 9: Sophie Neill, Sophia Stapleton, Indi Cavendish, Ella Giuffrida, Ashlyn Carter, Aleisha Webb, Abinaybi Araya.
YEAR 10: Paige Mills, Dimercia Kalenga.


YEAR 7: Sienna Tomada, Novena Va’a, Neda Mahdy, Lakshitha Muthuramalingam, Alexis Davies, Abigail Allan.
YEAR 8: Leen Zahlouk, Georgia Denny, Alina Bijoy.
YEAR 9: Katie Godsell, Charlee O’Hara.
YEAR 10: Abigail Lasserre.


YEAR 8: Hayley Norman.

Hayley Norman was awarded a distinction certificate and 'Best in School' certificate for her effort in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Credit certificates.

Proficiency certificates.

Proficiency certificates and Hayley Norman with her Distinction certificate.

Proficiency certificates.

From the Careers Centre

Student Success

We are proud to share the story of Tennille, who has successfully completed a three-day work experience in the electrical field. She had the opportunity to learn from the experts at Rheeder's Electrical and Air-Conditioning, who generously supported our initiative to expose more girls to the exciting world of trades. Tennille showed great enthusiasm, curiosity and skill during her placement, and we are confident that she has a bright future ahead of her. If you are interested in pursuing a School Based Apprenticeship, please contact our Careers Team for more information. We are here to help you achieve your goals and dreams. #girlsintrades

Tennille Prause on work experience at Rheeder's Electrical and Air-Conditioning.

UniSQ Headstart Program

We had a great visit from Jaimie, UniSQ Career Outreach Officer, who came to our college to talk about the Headstart program. This program allows high school students to get a taste of university life and earn credits for their future studies. Jaimie shared her insights and tips on how to apply and succeed in the program. Thank you, Jaimie, for your time and expert advice. #unisq

UniSQ Discovery Day

A small group of our Year 9 students had a wonderful time at the UniSQ Discovery Day. They enjoyed exploring the campus, meeting the staff and students, and learning about the different courses and opportunities available at UniSQ. Thank you UniSQ for hosting us and inspiring our future career pathways!

Kimberley Benvenuti
Acting Career Development Practitioner

Deputy Principal - Curriculum

Christmas Blessings

Last Thursday evening, I took my two kids Harry and Charlotte to the Grand Central tree lighting to watch the Saviour’s Sisters sing. The first thing Harry said as we walked in to hear their beautiful voices, was ‘Look mum, it’s your girls singing!’ And I was just so proud! There were many of our students gathered to watch, either with boarders or with their families. I have to say what a lovely way to spend the afternoon and into the evening - the girls sounded incredible, and I was amazed at their repertoire (and how many Christmas carols you have or sing to fill a thirty minute time slot!) Well done Mrs Potter and the Saviour’s Sisters.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all families a Merry Christmas. I hope you are able to carve time to be together in the spirit of Christmas - a time of wonder, giving and time to be with loved ones.


Students in all Year levels will receive reports at the end of this term.

Year 7-9 Report Cards

Students in Year 7-9 will receive their Semester Two report card in Week 9. These report cards will provide information and feedback on their learning across this semester in their subjects. These reports also include a comment from your child’s Homeclass teacher and an overview of what has been learned this semester.

Year 10-11 Interim Report Cards

Year 10-11 Interim Report Cards provide a short snapshot of student learning in Term 4. Given that students have only just begun their Unit 1/3 learning, this feedback will just provide a guide to students and parents on student progress to date.

Some subjects have completed assessment this term and some have not. This completion of assessment depends on the senior syllabus requirement of that subject and how much content was required to be taught before students could begin the assessment task. Because of this variation, you will see that your daughter may have marks for some subjects and not for others. The Senior Science subjects have all completed their 10% data tests, English and SOR have completed their first assessments. Where a subject has not completed assessment, a Not Yet Assessed grade will be shown on the report card.

Subject Allocations and Booklists

Earlier this term, all students and parents in Years 8, 9 and 10 have been emailed their 2024 subject allocations. These allocations will be required when filling booklist requirements for the 2024 school year.

You can find a link to the booklists for your daughter’s Year level here:

Celebrating Student Achievement

Last Friday, we celebrated many of our students across the fields of learning, sport, community engagement, the Arts and service. It was a wonderful celebration of our student body and the values our College holds so close. Congratulations to all the award recipients and thank you so much to all of the families who were able to attend.

Jessica Wade
Deputy Principal - Curriculum

New Uniform Supplier

McAuley House Boarding News

Our Boarding family has had a very big year this year.  Lots of fun times and laughter, lots of excursions and extra activities, and some very sad news that Boarding will close. Through all the ups and downs our girls show great care and compassion for each other and enormous resilience.

A big thank you to our girls and their families at home who put forth great effort and commitment to give the girls opportunities with their education at St Saviour’s. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Boarding families a merry and safe Christmas holiday season.

Friday was our College awards day and we celebrated the many awards our girls received for their hard work and commitment to their studies and school activities. Congratulations girls!

Weekend fun was a “cook up” where the girls spent the afternoon making their favourite treats to share.

Our “Resilience Rockstars” this month: Kyree Bamaga, Te'Arani Tranby and Hetta Murgha

These girls consistently show qualities of resilience, kindness and compassion. Congratulations girls!




Merry Christmas!

Nicole Booth
Boarding Manager


Awards Celebration

Last Friday, our year culminated at the Annual Awards Presentation. This event celebrated the many achievements of the students who consistently pursue excellence. It was a wonderful opportunity to gather with dignitaries, staff, students, families and friends of the College, to celebrate the many achievements of our young women over the year, from sporting to cultural, service, and academic. I am always astounded by the level of involvement of our students and the array of talented staff and students we have. Special thanks to those involved in the organisation of this great event. It was an outstanding morning of joy and celebration of our many achievements across the year of 2023.

During my speech, I spoke of Catherine McAuley’s quote, “No work of charity can be more productive of good to society than the careful instruction of women”. It has been my joy and privilege across the past seven years to lead this careful instruction at St Saviour’s College.

In addition, I expressed the following:

“I have no doubt that my successors, the 2024 Executive Leadership Team, led by the fearless Mrs Jessica Wade and her most capable team, Ms Eleighta Hannam, Ms Leah Dempster, Ms Nicole Booth and Mrs Megan Schulze, will dutifully lead the College into a new era of innovation and success …

“I thank our parents and families for entrusting your young women to us. To share our roles in the careful instruction of these young women is a privilege.

“I offer a depth of gratitude to my exceptional colleagues, our dedicated teaching staff and support staff, and our incredible boarding staff.

“I am also indebted to our College Board and our College P&F, which next year, will be redefined to form a Parent Engagement Network. To the Toowoomba Catholic Schools, we are eternally grateful for the support received from you.

Further on, I concluded:

“I give thanks for our Mercy Girls and for the gift they are to all of us. I am going to miss each and every one of you. Sometimes you just have to heed the call. Interestingly, when I visited the chapel at the International House of Mercy in Dublin, I received a sign that I was going to be okay without you. In the Chapel, a beautiful place where Catherine would have prayed, there was a stain glass window of St Catherine of Siena, the patron saint of my next school. Moving onto my next step of the journey, I know that both Catherines walk with me, I know the blessing of this beloved community walks with me, and I know fully that our loving God walks with me also. Thank you to all of you for the joy and the love I have been blessed to receive across the past seven years.”

Needless to say, my time at St Saviour’s has been incredible and I carry in my prayers all who I have journeyed with throughout this special time in my life.

Staffing 2024

As you would appreciate, the acquisition of quality staff is pivotal to the College’s success and ongoing performance improvement agenda. In previous newsletter, both Mrs Wade and myself have announced roles for 2024. Further new appointments have been made. I am pleased to announce the following people to the roles below:

  • Chris Blomquist – Business Manager.
  • Rachel Kim – HPE Teacher.
  • Fabiana Wilson – Part time Design and Fashion Teacher.
  • Sue Pike – Part time Science/Maths Teacher.
  • Lori Potts – Library School Officer.
  • Ellen Weeding – School Officer Assisted Student Learning.

We warmly welcome all these people and look forward to the gifts they will bring to the College.

And, sadly, we farewell:

Mrs Xenia Taylor – in her short time at the College, Xenia has been exceptional. She has worked diligently to streamline processes around finances and general operations. Xenia has been a valued member of the Executive Leadership Team. We wish Xenia and her family well for their relocation to Kingaroy.

Mr Will Wigan – Will has been an excellent addition to the College. For an early careers teacher, he has built wonderful rapport with students and students. In addition, Will has coached a number of teams and has demonstrated great commitment to the girls and their engagement with sport. We wish him all the best as he moves across to Downlands.

Miss Harriette Spork – in our 150th year of Mercy education, there have been many celebrations, and Harriette has done an incredible job with events and marketing. Her creativity and attention to detail has been most appreciated and we wish Harriette all the best for her future.

Miss Elysse Thomas – Elysse has been a wonderful School Officer this year and has been a great support for teachers and learners in the classroom. We wish Elysse all the very best as she continues with her education degree. We know she will go on to be a fine teacher.

Ms Katey Parker – Katey has stepped in across a number of acting teaching roles this year and she has always undertaken every role with professionalism and great care. She built wonderful relationships with both staff and students and we thank her for her agility and willingness to serve the needs of the College.

Mrs Heather Hagemann – Heather will be remaining at the Sunshine Coast. We give thanks to Heather for her time at the College as Assistant Principal: Mission and Wellbeing and wish her all God’s blessings for the future.  

May God bless each of you.

College Magazine and Calendar

This week, your daughters should have delivered home the 2023 College Magazine and 2023 College Calendar. Both these publications are credited to the talents of Mrs Kerri Prentice. Enjoy! They are a great representation and celebration of the extraordinary personality that is ‘St Saviour’s College’. If you are yet to receive these publications, please contact the office.

Happy Holidays

It is an honour to lead a community that has just fulfilled its 150th year, serving as the oldest secondary school in Toowoomba, in the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy. To the young women of St Saviour’s College, thank you for being our reason for being. Thank you for the infectious joy you bring to our College and for the way in which you commit yourself to all you undertake. Thank you to our dedicated staff for your unwavering commitment to your educational ministry. Catherine McAuley said it best when she proclaimed, “You must be cheerful and happy, animating all around you”. Thank you for doing just that.

For each of us, may our prayer for the ensuing Christmas season be that the mercy qualities of hospitality, compassion, justice and excellence direct us in all that we undertake. Safe travels to our boarding students and to those on the roads over the holidays. May integrity always continue to be our strength.

Blessings for a joyous festive season with family and friends. May the celebration of Christ’s birth serve as a reminder to each of us that life is full of endless surprises, joy and the opportunity to see hope for the future.

Thanks for a wonderful seven years, for me, it has been both a joy and a blessing; a personal and professional highlight of my life.

Once a Mercy girl, always a Mercy girl.

Blessings for days to come.

Sharon Collins

Library News


REMINDER: ALL resources are due back for Years 7-9 and all library books are due back for Years 10-11.

Please ensure you check what is out in your child’s name through our Library Web App. All students should know how to access this, if they don’t, please remind them to see Mrs King in the library.

The one time of year everything must be back. There is no borrowing of library resources over the Christmas break as we would like all resources returned to their home in the library so they can be checked over and audited for the year.

Overdue and recall notices will be sent out on an automated system to remind students to return all their resources. Any outstanding resources will have to be billed to replace.

New Resources

We have a variety of new resources that will be available for borrowing next year, so visit the library in the first week, or check out our first newsletter of next year to see our new resources.

In the meantime - check out our online catalogue for our eBooks and audiobooks - download and read on the go! Search as normal and look for the ‘e’ icon on the resource. Before the end of the term come and ask the library how to do this.

Christmas Time Display

Come in and check out our display.

Keep Calm and Read … over the holidays

Want to Know How to Help Your Child/ren Read Over the Holidays????


If you don’t keep reading you may lose the gains made in reading competency and fluency over the year at school. Stop the SUMMER SLIDE!

A Baltimore study showed 65% of the reading achievement gap between 9th graders of low and high socio-economic standing could be traced to what they learned - or failed to learn - over their childhood summers (Kim & Quinn, 2013).

Reading can help teens:

  • deal with their increasingly complex world and understand some of the adult issues they will have to grapple with
  • know they are not alone - others may be thinking and feeling the way they do
  • open lines of communication - especially if parents, teachers, librarians provide opportunities to discuss what teens are reading
  • share and see how others have found solutions to problems
  • develop their vocabulary
  • broaden their imaginations
  • improve their writing
  • deal with the increasing demands of schoolwork
  • gain confidence when speaking.

What Barriers Need to be Overcome to Help Summer Reading?

Research indicates a variety of barriers prevent students reading over the summer holidays, including:

  • lack of access to books and other reading resources
  • low choice and lack of appropriate high-interest material
  • lack of reading skills and consequent low self-efficacy
  • negative attitudes to reading (readers are boring, reading is boring)
  • no opportunity to practice reading
  • lack of reading role-models and encouragement to read.

(National Library of New Zealand, 2023)

All easily overcome with visiting the local library or the school online library and accessing material.

The Australian Scholastic ‘Kids and family reading report’ (2016) found the following:

  • 92% of 15 to 17-year-olds and 90% of 12 to 14-year-olds most enjoyed books they'd chosen for themselves. They are also much more likely to finish reading them.
  • Around 70% of teens would read more if they could find more books they liked.

What Can You Do?

  • Set aside 10 minutes a day to read - including yourself. Make it a social event - discuss, talk and read together.
  • Make sure it is something they are interested in - it is about reading for pleasure.
  • It doesn’t matter if it is an ‘easy read’ - as long as they read and enjoy then finish the book!
  • Provide access to books - borrow a lot from the local library, have books on display for easy access.
  • If you can, build your own home library.
  • Give books as gifts.
  • Visit secondhand bookstores.
  • Visit the community libraries around town e.g. Clifford Gardens.
  • Enjoy the Christmas break and KEEP ON READING. See you next year in the library.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul."  Matthew Kelly

Stay safe and keep reading.

Andrea King
Teacher Librarian

Assistant Principal - Mission and Student Wellbeing

Another school year has passed and there have been so many triumphs to celebrate for each individual. I hope that when students flick through the College magazine they reflect on the year and take in what a wonderful year it has been. Sometimes in our busy lives with all the stresses, it is so easy to not stocktake all the wonderful accomplishments we have had over the 365 days. The College awards morning forced me to reflect on all the highlights from 2023, the ones we sometimes forget or which get overshadowed.  It made me so proud to be a part of this College and our Mercy girls’ journey and makes me excited for 2024. 

Last Wednesday, we welcomed 43 of our 2024 Year 7 students to Orientation Day.  The girls participated for Mercy Shield points through a series of activities that got them familiar with their Houses, each other, the College surroundings, and senior students.  The girls showed true Mercy Girl spirit and we are so excited to welcome this cohort next year. 

Our Year 11s have just returned from their Leadership Camp at Brookfield and are ready to lead the College in 2024. I had the privilege to work with them when they returned on the Friday around what their leadership will look like. I challenged the cohort to invest in the Servant Leadership Model and consider what they can do for the community which has given them so much over the past 5 years. Their ideas and enthusiasm have promised 2024 to be a cracker of a year and they have much in store for the rest of the cohorts.   

On Thursday, before the SRC Running of the Inspirational Female Colour Run, we gathered as a community one last time for prayer. Our Christmas Liturgy asked the students to reflect on what is the true meaning of Christmas. We were blessed to have Fr Nathan and the Choir bring to life the Christmas Carols and bring the Christmas Spirit to the SSC Community. Our prayer for this Christmas Season:

May there be harmony in all our relationships. 
May we give and receive love generously. 
May each person who comes into our lives be greeted as another Christ.
May the hope of this sacred season settle in our souls.
May the bonds of love for one another be strengthened as we gather with family and friends.
May we daily open the gift of our life and be grateful for the hidden treasures it contains.
May we keep our eyes on the star within us and trust this Presence to guide and direct us each day.
May we go often to the Bethlehem of our hearts and visit the One who offers us peace.
May we bring this peace into our world.


The Choir and Fr Nathan performing at the SSC Christmas Liturgy.

Spreading joy this Christmas ... Julie Inskip from St Vincent De Paul accepts donations of Christmas gifts and food from students at the College Christmas Liturgy.

Not only did we get ready to say our goodbyes to our Year 10 and 11 students and all our boarders,  but also departing staff. One staff member who we farewelled with great sadness was Principal Ms Collins. Students gifted Ms Collins with many items that she will need for her ‘sea change’ to the Sunshine Coast that will also remind her of the past 7 years at the College. 

We begin with a shawl. Catherine McAuley’s infamous yoke was one that was light. She wore it around her shoulders and was quick to offer it to others; she offered it to envelope the poor and needy in compassion, love and care. So many of us have been privileged to be enveloped by the warmth of your love and care in our time here. But considering that you’re heading to the sunny coast for a beachside life, we thought a different kind of shawl might be more suitable.

The Sisters of Mercy were famously referred to as the walking nuns, named so because of their countercultural commitment to practically living their faith by reaching beyond the cloisters of their convents and serving the communities in which they lived. They walked the streets looking for practical ways to help the needy in their community. So too, you will need shoes for the journey, but like the shawl, we thought nailed boots might have been a tad uncomfortable and impractical. So, accept these thongs as a reminder of the practicality with which Catherine and you have lived your mission - with a knowledge that ‘the poor need help today, not next week’.

Next, we offer you these sunglasses. These sunnies prepare you for the glaring road ahead. They will help you to look to new horizons, to gaze on fresh opportunities with clarity and vision. We know that your eyes will be hope-filled, fixed on a clear horizon, and always resolving to being good today and better tomorrow.

Hospitality is one of our core values. Thank you, Ms Collins, for the way you have ensured each one of us has been welcomed in the spirit of Mercy hospitality. Your warmth, care and genuine desire to make others feel at home in your presence has offered shade and relief from many a sunny sky that sometimes burns too hot. Take this umbrella as a reminder that time spent with guests is never wasted, especially when it’s under a shady umbrella on the beach.

Finally, as a gift from this community, we want to offer you this book. It has been lovingly inscribed by each Homeclass with messages of gratitude, joy, affection and fortitude. Take this book, as a written testament of our great affection for you, our deep respect for you, and immense gratitude for all you have been to this community.”

To farewell Ms Collins we said our goodbyes and well wishes and asked God to hold her safely in his care:

God of Mercy,

Surround Ms Collins with your grace.
Bless her with hope so that she may move into the future with an eager and open heart.
Help her to use the wisdom, skills and learnings gained through her Mercy education and leadership of St Saviour’s for the good of her new community.
Inspire her to believe in the goodness of life even when faced with challenges and difficulties.
As she commences the next chapter of her life, may she grow even more empowered and wise,
We place this prayer in your loving care,


SRC Running of the Inspirational Female Colour Run

Have a wonderful break and please take the time to peruse the College Online Safety Hub:

This website has focused blogs and articles on Digital Wellbeing that help parents feel empowered in this space. A couple of articles that might be helpful with the extended school break are from the Parent Advice and Online Safety Tech sections:

Setting a Screen Routine

Setting children up safely online

Being excluded online  

I look forward to welcoming all the students back in January. 

Megan Schulze
Assistant Principal - Mission and Student Wellbeing

Bangarra Workshop

On Tuesday 7 November, the College was honoured to host Bangarra Dance Theatre for a workshop. Students were very privileged to have this calibre of world-renowned dancers here to work with our students.  Bangarra’s home base is the Sydney Opera House, and while the Callaghan Centre is not as flash as that, we were able to impress our guests with our deadly dance skills. Bangarra were in town for a performance at the Empire Theatre, “Sand Song: Stories from the Great Sandy Desert”, which from all accounts is a phenomenal work and perhaps some of you enjoyed it in person.

Lillian and Maddi gave insights into how their contemporary dance works are devised. Their Creative Director spends considerable time with First Nations communities learning and sharing with them. Insights are gained into traditional practices and importance of specific flora and fauna in that area. Song lines and stories are investigated and broad concepts for works are gleaned. This can be up to two years of yarning. With the permission of the particular elders, permission is given for a new dance to be developed. The team of dancers then spend about 10 weeks coming up with a new work and then continue to refine and elaborate through the use of their bodies in movement to bring a new response to country.

The current work reflects this collaborative process and it was very special that the Bangarra team shared with us a section of the Spinifex dance, which the students picked up very quickly in the short time we shared. All elements including sets, music, hair, makeup, costuming and props are discerned to fit in with the dance and the original mob are still consulted through this process. After the work is performed all around Australia (and sometimes internationally), the dancers visit the community and ‘return’ the story to them, on country.

To have such insights into this process was truly special. Aside from our First Nations Students, others who wanted to be involved and the Year 9 Dance students got a lot from this afternoon, especially given that they are currently studying Bangarra in their unit and will be assessed on their knowledge shortly.

Isn’t it amazing what The Arts can do for communities, and bring out in us?

Thanks to our students who participated wholeheartedly and for the amazing dancers Lillian and Maddi who shared their skill, talent, passion and drive with us. It was truly inspirational to witness these artists at the top of their field.

Joanne Stewart
Teacher of the Arts

Sporting Achievements

#1 Well done to Lekaysha Woodbridge (Year 10) who has been selected to go to the Australian National boxing Titles in Hobart from the 22 to 26 November. Here is a sample of what Lekaysha has been up to in 2023.

  • Win against Ruby Pokarier - also getting fight of the night in Noosa 
  • NAIDOC 2023 - Junior Sports Award 
  • 2 x Golden Gloves Champion 48kg and 51kg in Cairns 
  • Represented Queensland for the State of Origin in Sydney- winning against Ella Crosswell

#2 Congratulations to Mary Duncan (Year 9 student) who claimed an Incentive Award from Sports Darling Downs for her recent efforts with endurance horse riding. Mary has also completed the Speak up for Sport Program which is designed to give young athletes skills to navigate their sporting pursuits.

#3 Congratulations to Kellie McMahon, St Saviour's College (Old Girl 2022) on her achievement with both her studies and football in the USA. Kellie has recently signed with Murray State College, Tishomingo, Oklahoma. She has a soccer scholarship playing in the NJCAA Division 1 Women’s Soccer, Region 2. Her team made it to the final of the Region 2 Tournament and went down 3-1 to Seminole State College who are No. 2 in the US for the NJCAA Division 1.

Sports Notices

Students are reminded to return all sporting equipment that has been lent to them over the term for various sports. Futsal and Rugby 7s have jerseys on loan, so if your student has been playing in these, can you please remind them to return them to the sports office ASAP.

Volleyball expression of interest forms have been emailed to your students. Please fill these in so the College can assign resources to this program. Click the link here

St Saviour's College Netball in 2024: Expression of interests are now open for all players and parents for the 2024 Netball season with Toowoomba Netball Association. For more information, please email Any parent who would like to be a part of the committee is more than welcome.

Congratulations to the Futsal team for Term 4. Although this was just a social competition the girls have shown real pride and passion over the last five weeks helping each other to become better players and better people. Futsal players - Emily, Vaishali, Ava, Poppy, Ajah, Happy, Irene, Adhieu, Victoria, Macie, Ella Brooke, Silvana, Peyton, Dimerica, Emmie, Alison, Furaha, Meg and Kiara. Students are encouraged to keep an eye out for the 2024 Futsal and Soccer Calendar. More details soon.

Well done to the Rugby 7s girls in the 13s and 15s for 2023. Although short on numbers, the girls who have played have shown great commitment in learning the new skills to play the fast version of rugby. A special thank you to Mr Will Wigan who has organised and coached the girls this year, even driving the boarder students out to Highfields and back every Monday and Thursday nights.

Sporting Schools Touch Football in Term 4

Students have been given an opportunity to participate in some Touch Football sessions during Wednesday sport time with the focus on the development of the sport in 2024. Students from Years 7-9 will have an opportunity to engage in fun and fundamental sessions designed to help improve performance. Please encourage your student to have a go. Selected students will be invited back on Wednesday 22 November.  For more information about touch football in 2024 contact the Sports Office.

From the Careers Centre

Congratulations to Ashley, our new School-Based Trainee in Early Education and Care

We are delighted to announce that Ashley (Year 10), will commence a school-based traineeship in early childcare this week. Ashley has been accepted by Learning Pathways Childcare and Kindergarten, where she will work one day per week, learn on the job, and receive a Certificate III qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care upon completion. She will also get paid as she goes!

Ashley is passionate about working with children and has shown great initiative and enthusiasm for this opportunity. She is looking forward to joining the team at Learning Pathways Childcare and Kindergarten and to making a positive difference in the lives of the children she works with.

A school-based traineeship in early childcare is a program that allows high school students to balance their school studies with their traineeship, and to get a head start on their career in early childhood education and care. It is a great way to gain practical experience, confidence, communication skills, and a nationally recognised qualification. It also opens up many pathways for further education and employment in this rewarding field.

We are very proud of Ashley and her achievement and we wish her all the best in her traineeship and school studies. We are confident that she will succeed in her chosen field and that she will enjoy this learning journey.

Ashley is pictured with Christy Gentz from Learning Pathways Childcare and Kindergarten.

How to Find and Apply for Scholarships and Grants for College or University

Scholarships and grants are types of financial aid that can help you pay for your college or university education. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, such as academic achievement, athletic ability, or artistic talent. Grants are awarded based on need, such as financial situation, background, or location.

To find and apply for scholarships and grants for college or university, you need to:

  • Start your search early and explore various sources, such as online databases, school websites, community organisations, or employers
  • Check the eligibility criteria, application requirements, deadlines and benefits of each scholarship or grant
  • Gather all the necessary documents, such as transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, or portfolios
  • Fill out the application forms carefully and accurately
  • Submit your application before the deadline and keep track of the status.

How to choose a course that suits your interests and skills. Choosing a course is an important decision that can affect your future career path. A course is a field of study that you specialise in during your college or university education. It can help you develop your knowledge, skills, abilities and interests in a specific area.

Kimberley Benvenuti
Acting Career Development Practitioner

New Uniform Supplier

Subject Support

Students needing support in Maths are welcome to come along to the following sessions:

McAuley House Boarding News

It has been a busy few weeks at boarding.

This week we sadly bid farewell to Miss Jess Kutner, our liaison officer. Miss Jess has been with our girls for the last two terms and will be greatly missed.

Miss Lucy, who has been on maternity leave, came for dinner with her daughter and baby son. It was a nice time for the girls to catch up with her and to meet her new baby.

Voting day saw our girls participate in a fund-raising car wash. Both supervisors and boarders worked hard all day providing a car wash service. In excess of $600 was made on the day. A great effort from all. Thank you to Miss Christie for organising this.

All our girls supported the local “Reclaim the Night” domestic violence march. We made banners and badges and walked proudly to raise awareness and support domestic violence survivors. Well done, girls!

On Saturday we all rose early for a special day trip to the Gold Coast and the Aqua Fun Park. The girls enjoyed time on the inflatable obstacles and slides followed by fish and chips on the beach. To finish off the day we stopped at the surf beach for a swim before heading home.

Halloween Night - We all enjoyed a fabulous, themed dinner by Miss Jenny and her crew which consisted of:

  • Spook-etti
  • Frankenstein’s lollipops
  • Adam’s ribs
  • Graveyard roasted veges
  • Poison apples

This was followed by a bus trip to the “Haunted House” which aptly gave us all a Halloween “spook”. A great fun night.

Nicole Booth
Boarding Manager