Arts and Performance News

Wow, what a busy term!

This term has seen several opportunities for our students to shine within the Arts.

Our new Senior Choir, the Saviour Singers, performed at the International Women’s Day Breakfast, bringing goosebumps with their rendition of “Adiemus”.

These singers are busily preparing for the Toowoomba Eisteddfod that takes place early Term Two.

Our full College Choir, The Saviour’s Sisters, will be performing for the first time outside of our weekly Assembly “Mercy Girl” at our Harmony Day celebrations this week. They are looking forward to bringing some Disney Villain vibes to the day.

They are also busy rehearsing and preparing for Catherine McAuley Day Mass, and Mother’s Day celebrations coming up in Term Two.

The Rock Band, “Midnight Mercy Girls” have been busily learning new repertoire and practicing under the guidance of Mr Rhody Nilon. We look forward to seeing them perform in Term Two.

Elf the Musical Jr. rehearsals are in full swing. We have learnt most of the show now and are in a solid position ready to start polishing and refining our performance next term ready for our July production. Tickets go on sale next term.

We are still seeking monetary sponsors, or raffle and gift bag donations to help support our production. If you can assist in any way, please contact Mrs Jenni Potter

On Friday, 15 March, nine of our SSC Dance students, along with seven St Mary's boys, and Mrs Potter’s daughter, Izzy, competed at the Toowoomba Grammar School's Annual Lip-Syncing competition, "Read My Lips". These dancers performed a piece that summarises the Barbie movie into just four minutes. They were graded on technical dance skills, lip syncing ability, entertainment, and story line. Our team was one of the only teams on the evening to score a perfect five out of five for technical abilities, and they came away with the trophy for Most Entertaining Performance. I would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance: Abby Kelderman, Furaha Iranzi, Charlotte Bowe, Ella Giuffrida, Sophia Stapleton, Georgia Denny, Georgina Digby, Sophie Moore and Zyrene Sabado. Please join me in congratulating these wonderful performers! As a special treat for SSC staff and students, the dancers peformed their winning piece at this week's Harmony Day concert! Congratulations again girls, we are so proud of you, and excited to add a trophy to our Arts display!​

Jenni Potter
Middle Leader - Arts, Culture & Performance

McAuley House News

As Term 1 comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone for all the support from both parents and students I have received as acting Head of Boarding.  I've enjoyed the experience and loved being part of an exceptional group of women here in boarding. 

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Head of Boarding next term.

We've had a busy and active few weeks at Boarding. A highlight for our Footy enthusiasts was a trip to Brisbane for the Boarding Schools Touch Football Competition. Our girls played fantastically, winning their first two games.  A big thank you to Miss Christie and Miss Kym for all their efforts organising and getting the girls there. Despite the weather, it was a great day, and our touch team did themselves proud. 

Our wonderful boarding touch football team at the Boarding Schools Touch Football Competition at Marist College, Ashgrove.

The previous weekend, we had the opportunity to see the Clydesdales vs Ipswich Jets here in Toowoomba, so along with our regular footy training and games on TV, football season is in full swing. 

The Eclipse lightshow was another fantastic outing that several girls enjoyed. Queens Park was decorated with a fabulous array of lights. It was very exciting and a great outing. 

The girls have been busy practising their dances and cooking up delicious dishes of food for Harmony Day.  We love seeing everyone so involved and sharing special parts of culture and homelife.

Happy Easter and safe travels home to all. We can't wait to see you back next term. 

Morning walk to the College swimming carnival

Celebrating Maleta's birthday.

Kym Stewart
Acting Head of Boarding

Japanese Host Families Wanted

The College is seeking host families for visiting Japanese students. Please see the flyer below.

Mathematics Happenings

‘Pi’ Day

On March 14, the school celebrated ‘Pi’ Day. There were various activities occurring all week with facts being shared in notices, ‘Pi’ postcards to colour and the numerous activities happening on the day. The students participated in a scavenger hunt, they ate ‘Pi’ and recited as many digits as possible of Pi. Homeclasses also participated in a ‘Pi’ Day quiz based on the facts that were shared in notices for Mercy Shield Points.

1st  Xavier 

2nd  McAuley and Goretti

3rd  Coolock

Also, this year we have a new school record for reciting the most digits of ‘Pi’. The winner was Year 10 Student Indiana Evans. Congratulations Indi!

World Maths Day

What is World Maths Day? It is an annual event that promotes empowering of mathematics, helping to encourage children to become more excited about the subject and work to develop their mathematical abilities.

A solid grasp of math is super important for everyday life - it can really boost confidence when managing money or keeping track of time. But let's face it, math can seem scary, especially for kids. That's where World Maths Day comes in! It's all about making math less intimidating and more fun. The goal? To help everyone see math in a positive light and realise how empowering it can be.

There are many ways to celebrate World Maths Day. Some activities the students participated in on the day were multiplication snap and breaking codes. The popular activity of the day was the multiplication snap. A fun activity that can also played at home. The instructions are:

  1. Take a deck of cards and divide the pack into two, leaving out the Kings and Jokers. Jacks have a value of 11 and the Queens have a value of 12.
  2. Flip over one card at a time.
  3. Then quickly multiply the numerical value of the two cards; the first to shout out the answer gains both cards.
  4. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end.

World Maths Day takes place each year on 23 March. However, as it was on a weekend this year, SSC celebrated this day on Monday, 25 March.

Celebrating World Maths Day

Term 1 Sports Review

St Saviour’s College has had one of its biggest starts to a school year in terms of achievement in the sporting arena. Here is a small summary of what went on in Term 1 2024.  

SWQ Futsal Titles

Congratulations to all the students involved in SWQ Futsal titles played during Week 8 of Term 1. The largest group to represent the College in many years, your behaviour and conduct was excellent and your ability to compete with many schools who have futsal programs was a credit to your skill and ability.

Team members were:

Plamedi Kalenga, Ajah Deng, Emily Kuhn, Happy Mwibusa, Ofly Nuguse, Daeja Pene, Vaishali Sondhi, Ava Anderson, Adela Feza, Felicity Higgins, Irene Nyiramugisha, Adhieu Pach, Macie Creevey, Ella-Brooke Folie, Claire Eckersley, Sharon Neville, Angel Tchowe, Emmie Creevey, Alison Douglas, Furaha Iranzi, Meg Woodcock.

Tuesday Night Volleyball

Tuesday Night Volleyball had four teams compete over Term 1. The St Saviour’s students were only beaten to the top playoff by an interesting scoring system. Three teams played for 3rd place overall. Special mention to Rianne Caggauauan announced as Junior Player of the series.

Team members were:

Nani Admassu, Rianne Caggauauan, Emily Castle, Rayna Chand, Neda Mahdy, Akshaya Manojkumar, Armi Manojkumar, Lakshitha Muthuramalingam, Bella Anderson, Poppy Diesing, Kiara Fitch, Meg Barry, Phillana Elisala, Ella Giuffrida, Katie Godsell, Mary Inkindi Sine, Rheanna Wapau, Liz Besa, Maleta Cowley, Nellie Hockenhull, Jamie Iwasaki Valencia, Abigail Lasserre, Marni Leppien, Nellie McMahon, Norma Mullins, Ella Petrie, Dhriti Shah, Elize Tom, Jauntae Bamaga, Furaha Iranzi, Xeroxia Nona-Poipoi, Giliann Mharie Pamalaran.

Friday Night Basketball

Our Friday Night Basketball team was a late inclusion in this year’s competition. Consisting mainly of junior students the girls recorded a win against Concordia and continued to score throughout the weeks which earned them a semi-final position based on points. Our students should be very proud of their efforts. They played this semi with no subs. Special thank you to Mr and Mrs Weeding and Ms Deng for taking control and helping to guide the team. Look out for more details in Term 2 from the world of basketball.

Team members were:

Adela Feza, Phillana Elisala, Maleta Cowley, Dimercia Kalenga, Angel Tchowe, Aleng Deng, Flossy Elisala, Furaha Iranzi, Abby Kelderman, Xeroxia Nona-Poipoi.

Shenae Ciesiolka Rugby League

On Friday 22 March, the College sent 14 students to participate in the Shenae Ciesiolka Rugby League Gala Day. The focus was to continue improving and developing their skills in the game and to become tackle ready to avoid injuries and accidents. The team was awarded prizes including a signed ball for their sportsmanship and behaviour. Well done Ladies. 

Participants were:

Steff Coldstream, Ofly Nuguse, Daeja Pene, Ava Anderson, Kyree Bamaga, Kye Flinders, Joyce Litidamu, Liahni Naylon, Rikki Ross-Hart, Paige Weribone, Meg Barry, Shari Dynevor, Phillana Elisala, Rheanna Wapau.

Darling Downs Representatives

Abigail Lasserre 13-19 Girls Softball

Eliza Morcom 16-18 Girls Rugby league

Angel-May Monagle 14-15 Girls Rugby League

Georgia Denny 13-15 Girls Hockey

Tehnaya Burns 13-15 Girls Hockey

Aleng Deng 17-19 Girls Basketball

Claire Eckersley 16-18 Girls Football (Soccer)

Meg Woodcock 16-18 Girls Football (Soccer)

Chelsea Cameron 10-12 Swimming

Return of Sporting Jerseys

Parents, please make sure all sporting jerseys and school-owned shirts, shorts and singlets are returned to the Sports Office.

Upcoming Term 2 Events  

  • Cross Country - 17 April during sport (first week of Term 2) 1.00pm until 3.00pm
  • Bill Turner Cup Soccer - 22 April
  • Weekly Girls Football - Monday afternoon competition 4.00pm until 5.00pm
  • Saturday Netball - Grading and competition starts Term 2
  • Girls AFL - 9 May
  • Junior Vicki Wilson Netball - 31 May
  • KMC Rugby League - 7 June

Immunisation Program

The Queensland School Immunisation Program for Year 7 and 10 students will take place on the following date:

MONDAY 22 JULY: Year 7 and Year 10

Year 7 Students
Consent paperwork will be handed out in Homeclass on Monday 29 April and needs to be returned to the College by Wednesday 8 May. The Clinic will then visit the College on Monday 22 July to dispense vaccinations.
Year 7 Boarders will be given the consent paperwork at the end of Term 1 to bring back when Term 2 commences.

If you have any questions regarding the Immunisation Program, please contact the Principal's Assistant, Fiona Roberts, by email:

Assistant Principal - Mission and Identity

The College has witnessed a lively and enriching start to the term, distinguished by a multitude of accomplishments and diverse opportunities for both our students and faculty. The spiritual life of our community has been significantly enhanced by various events, notably the New Parent Gathering liturgy and the promotion of our faith and mercy traditions during the College Open Day.

Project Compassion Fundraiser

Our Lenten period was marked by vibrant and engaging fundraising activities for Project Compassion, including pancake sales on Shrove Tuesday, Zooper Dooper sales and lolly and BBQ sales on Harmony Day. We owe a heartfelt thank you to the Youth Ministry team and Chappy Helen for their unwavering commitment to these initiatives and for effectively communicating their impact. Together, we've managed to raise nearly $1600 for Project Compassion, a sum we're excited to present at our assembly next term.

Holy Week Liturgy Reflection

On Wednesday, our community gathered for the Holy Week Liturgy, a reflective preparation for Easter. This important event was spearheaded by Mrs Rasmussen's Year 8 Religion classes, with Abigail Allan and Maddison Kratzke leading the school in reflection through the Stations of the Cross. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs Rasmussen, the Year 8 Religion class, and Mrs McGovern for their indispensable support in making this liturgy a meaningful experience for all.

Stations of the Cross

Term 2 Calendar

Looking ahead, Term 2 is set to begin with an ANZAC Day commemoration during our assembly on 18 April, swiftly followed by Catherine McAuley Day celebrations with a Mass at the Cathedral on 2 May. These events are not only platforms for our Mercy Girls to excel but also vital in shaping compassionate individuals ready to effect change in the world. Ensuring that all students, particularly those newly joining us, experience a warm welcome and integrate seamlessly into our community is paramount. It's our aim for every student to feel a sense of belonging and embrace their identity as a Mercy Girl. The Term 2 Calendar is available through the Parent Portal App or via this link  Term 2 Calendar -  kept current with any adjustments, including potential rescheduling of events like the Cross Country which has been moved to Week 1 due to the wet weather.

Leah Dempster
Assistant Principal - Mission and Identity

From the Careers Centre

Year 10 - Term 2 Work Experience: Monday 17 June to Wednesday 19 June 2024

Utilising school holidays to organise your work experience is a fantastic idea. Here are some steps you can take to make the most of this opportunity:

Research and Explore:

  • Use the holidays to research potential workplaces or industries where you’d like to gain experience.
  • Consider your interests, skills, and career aspirations.
  • Look for organisations that align with your goals.
  • Define what you want to achieve during your work experience.

Contact Employers:

  • Reach out to local businesses, companies, or organisations.
  • Explain your purpose and express your eagerness to learn.
  • Emphasise your willingness to learn and contribute.
  • Contact professionals in your desired field.

Remember, work experience provides valuable insights into the real world of work, helps you build confidence, and enhances your employability.

The Benefits of Volunteering in Health Services for Students

Volunteering in health services offers invaluable benefits for students seeking industry exposure and experience. Firstly, it provides hands-on experience in real healthcare settings, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. This experiential learning enhances their understanding of healthcare systems, procedures, and patient care. Volunteering also offers students the opportunity to network with professionals in the field. These connections not only enrich students' professional development but also provide insights into various career paths within the healthcare industry helping them make well-informed decisions about their future careers.

Volunteering allows students to develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and empathy, which are crucial for success in healthcare professions. By interacting with patients, families, and healthcare teams, students enhance their interpersonal skills and gain a deeper understanding of cultural competence and diversity in healthcare delivery.

Imagine Cup Junior 2024

Opens 10 January 2024 and closes 8 May 2024. Now in its fifth year, Imagine Cup Junior is an exciting opportunity for students to learn about technology and how it can be used to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, while participating in a global student challenge. It’s a great introduction to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cybersecurity, and is suitable for all levels, especially beginners. Find out more Imagine Cup Junior 2024 | Imagine Cup (

Discover ACU Brisbane: April 10, 2024

Join us for the 2024 Discover ACU. A free event tailored to your study area of interest; these sessions will give you an insight into life as a uni student. Our Brisbane event has a wide range of sessions available including business, education, midwifery, nursing & paramedicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech pathology, as well as campus tours. Find out more Discover ACU – Brisbane (

Chris Grierson
Career Development Practitioner

Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

Interim Reports

Yesterday, the Year 7-10 interim academic reports were published on Sentral Parent Portal. As we navigate the academic journey together, interim academic reports play a crucial role in shaping our progress. Here’s why engaging with these reports matters:

  1. Early Insight: Interim reports provide a snapshot of your performance midway through the term. They allow you to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement before final grades are issued.
  2. Parent-Student Collaboration: Parents, your involvement is vital! These reports facilitate meaningful conversations at home. Discuss goals, study habits and strategies for improvement with your child.
  3. Course Correction: Don’t wait until the end of the semester to adjust your course. Use interim reports to make timely adjustments. Seek help from teachers, explore additional resources and set achievable targets.

Tips for Maximising Interim Reports

  • Analyse Trends: Look beyond individual grades. Identify patterns - both positive and negative. Are there consistent challenges? Celebrate progress, but also address any red flags.
  • Set Goals: Based on the feedback, set specific goals. Whether it’s improving time management or seeking extra support, actionable goals enhance learning.
  • Seek Guidance: Reach out to teachers. They’re here to support you. Ask questions, seek clarification and collaborate on strategies for improvement. Parent Teacher Interviews are a great time to do this.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Mark your calendars for April 22 2024, from 1:30pm to 6:00pm in the Callaghan Centre (Hall). Book appointments via the Sentral Parent Portal Desktop or Mobile App. If internet access is unavailable, call the College office or email All students and parents are encouraged to attend. Students are able to depart school at 1pm on this day, however, parental permission must be provided through the Activity Permission on the Sentral Parent Portal.

We look forward to productive conversations!

Quicksmart Numeracy – Staff Training

This week, five of our staff engaged in Quicksmart Numeracy training so that they may facilitate Quicksmart sessions beginning in Term 2. But what exactly is QuickSmart and why are we excited about it?

QuickSmart Numeracy is an evidence-based intervention designed to enhance students’ mathematical skills. It focuses on understanding and recall of basic number facts, performance of elementary calculations, acquisition of appropriate mathematics language and problem-solving skills. The primary aim of QuickSmart is for the students to develop automaticity.

Why Are We Excited?

  • Early Intervention: QuickSmart provides early insightinto students’ mathematical progress. By addressing challenges promptly, learners are empowered to build a solid foundation.
  • Strategic Approach: The program focuses on strategy useand automatic recall of number facts. Students will learn effective problem-solving routines and gain confidence in their mathematical abilities.
  • Individualised Support: QuickSmart instructors tailor lessons to meet each student’s needs. Whether it’s reviewing focus facts or extending their understanding, personalised attention is key.

Our dedicated staff, Michelle Reid, Elle Weeding, Sara Lawson and Molly Urquart, enjoying a Quicksmart Numeracy game during their recent training.

Eleighta Hannam
Deputy Principal

Toowoomba Marathon

ON YOUR MARKS!! The Toowoomba Marathon is back with a distance for everyone. Rally your school community and win great prizes on Sunday 5 May 2024. 

This event is not just a marathon; there is a distance for everyone to provide a great team building opportunity that will inspire and unite your school group. Plus, the opportunity to win great prizes! 

Why you should enter a team:

Celebrate Achievements as a Group
Embrace the sense of accomplishment by participating together and celebrating personal achievements as a united team.

Fun Fitness for Everyone
Engage in enjoyable physical activity as a team, promoting health and well-being among your colleagues, families, and friends.

Showcase Your Team
Enhance the visibility of your team by participating in a prominent community event. This is a fantastic opportunity to generate awareness and exposure for your team.

Share the Joy
Revel in the camaraderie before, during, and after the race. The Toowoomba Marathon offers a unique chance to create lasting memories with your teammates.

Online Recognition
All entered teams will be proudly displayed on the Toowoomba Marathon website, showcasing your groups commitment to participation and community spirit.

Team Prizes!
In addition to the rewards of being part of this monumental event, enticing prizes are up for grabs to further fuel community pride and spirit. Check out these fantastic categories:

$1000 Visa Gift Card for the Largest School Group:
Rally your schoolmates, and let's dominate the marathon with our unity and strength.

$1000 Visa Gift Card for the Largest Community Group:
Showcase the power of community as we strive for greatness together.

$1000 Visa Gift Card for the Best Dressed/Team Spirit Group:
Get creative and show off your team spirit through unique attire. A little flair can go a long way.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your community bonds and bring home some impressive prizes. Lace up your running shoes, unite as a team, and make the 2024 Toowoomba Marathon an unforgettable experience!


Lessons in Resilience from Gethsemane

This newsletter will go to print on Holy Thursday: a day laden with so much symbolism and centrality in our Catholic faith. It is of course, the day of the last supper, one that we relive each time we celebrate Eucharist. It is also the evening when Jesus retreats to the Garden of Gethsemane with his closest disciples to pray fiercely that he not have to face what is coming: the very human suffering that awaits him in his passion and death.

It is in the Garden of Gethsemane that Jesus prays fiercely and begs for the ‘cup’ to be passed from him. He pleads with God, that if there is any other way to do God’s will, let him have that way.

How often in my own life have I looked down the barrel of something and begged for it to be some other way? Perhaps all of us have thought before something has happened, please God I don’t want to do this. Or please, do not let this to be true for me right now. Or even in less intensely, I do not want to have to do this right now, even though I know it may be worth it in the end.

Last year, many of you may know, my husband was in a terrible accident. He was rushed to Warwick hospital following being crushed by horse in a fall and had a cardiac tamponade along with a crushed shoulder, compound fractures, a punctured lung and five broken ribs. But with his heart not able to beat properly and the hospital not having the means to conduct the emergency procedure that would be required if he went into heart failure, things were critical.

I got the call when I was halfway between Brisbane and Toowoomba. I had to drive to Warwick unsure that my husband would survive the day. The Careflight helicopter was unable to land at the PA hospital due to rain and heavy cloud. It was a horrific situation.

That drive was a Gethsemane moment for me. I vividly recall parking my car and taking a moment before I went into the hospital - unsure if I could manage what was ahead and certainly not wanting to face the reality of that moment in time. I still remember walking into the hospital like it was an out of body experience.

This week we have probably all seen Princess Catherine’s video and explanation of her cancer diagnosis and treatment. A moment in time for her where she speaks of preparing her family for the difficult road that is ahead. Yet another Gethsemane moment laid bare for us all.

These Gethsemane moments, moments where we face our vulnerability, our fear and our humanness await each of us at some point in our lives; hopefully not too often.

I believe it is really important that our young women know and understand that these moments exist for us all. To be serious about teaching our young people what resilience looks and feels like, one of the keys must be that we can’t pretend that suffering doesn’t exist for us. It does, whether we like it or not, sometimes we will be alone in our suffering, facing it as Jesus did in Gethsemane.

But let’s be honest, our Christian story is one of hope and resurrection; of rising from the dead, of overcoming and prevailing. Our Easter story is one of new life. This is the second key to developing the gift of resilience - a belief at the core of our being that there is hope, that the sun will always come up tomorrow, that after death there is resurrection, that despite difficult times, we will prevail. The most central message of our Christian belief is hope, in new life and in rising again.

And so, this Easter, I wish you and your beautiful families a hope-filled weekend, one that helps you know the joy of our faith and the freedom that comes with the news of the Risen Christ.

Harmony Day

On Tuesday, our College celebrated Harmony Day - and what an indelible experience this is. Harmony Day at St Saviour’s is truly like nothing I have ever experienced in any other school in my 25-year teaching career. It is the joy of unconditional acceptance, the core belief that our diversity is our strength, that all cultures and people are celebrated and special, and contribute meaningfully to a modern Australia.

I cannot understate the power of Harmony Day to uphold, uplift and unite our community around all the ways our differences make us stronger, richer and smarter as a community.

In 2024, we hear much about living in a global community. I truly believe that our students are receiving an experience of education that prepares them for a global world.

Each day, in their classes St Saviour’s College, students navigate the cultural beliefs, assumptions and attitudes of their peers, with backgrounds from across the state and the world. This melting pot brings with it an understanding from a young age of what and how privilege looks, what hospitality and deep listening looks and feels like when it is authentic.

There is no paralysis of political correctness because the relationships that exist in our classrooms are real and students know the importance of respecting each other.

I am so thankful to all the families and students who shared their cultures with the school on Tuesday - in the way of food, song, dance, costume, art, music and iconography.

Special thanks to Mrs Schulze, Mrs Young and the pastoral team for their support of all girls in preparing for Harmony Day.

Jessica Wade

Library News


Wow! Where did Term 1 go? It seems like only a couple of weeks has passed since we introduced what the library can do for our community back in Week 2. We have had a busy term, and I don’t think Term 2 will relax in the library space at all. We have so much planned!

What’s Happening in the Library?

What a wonderful celebration of World Poetry Day we had. Such wonderful entries into our poetry competition. Students (and staff) were invited to participate in our poetry competition by writing a Haiku or Tanka poem. With Japanese a language being taught in our school and the focus on it being World Poetry Day with the theme of “Standing on the shoulders of giants”, what better theme than to have it with Japan.

Mercy Shield points were up for winning and in the last few hours there was a spurt of entries! BUT… McAuley prevailed in the end.

1st  McAuley House

2nd  Goretti House

3rd  Xavier House

4th  Coolock House

Individual winners were:

Alby, Abey and Meg B. Highly commended to Wednesday and Xianne.

With the holidays upon us check out our library online Easter dashboard.

There are some interactive links available to access things all about Easter, plus a little quiz if you are bored. So watch the video about Easter Traditions, click on the link to find some wonderful recipes or to create some gorgeous Easter craft.

BUT if all you want to do is read a book and forgot to borrow one for the holidays - access our Wheelers ePlatform and read an eBook. The link is on our dashboard:

New Books in the Library!

Come and check out our new books - some are on display and others on the shelf. If there is one you would like to read and you are not sure where it is - just ask at the front desk, we love helping someone make a connection with one of the books waiting to be read. You can also check out our library online through our student intranet.

General Collections:

Date Claimers

Over the holidays or just as we come back:

April 2: International Children’s Book Day honouring the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson.

April 15: World Art Day

What’s coming in Term 2:

April 23: World Book and Copyright Day

April 25: ANZAC Day – display and activities in the library the week of

May 1: Read more in May Month or Get Caught Reading month

May 4: Star Wars Day – May the Force be with you!

May 5 and 6: Revenge of the Sith

May 22: National Simultaneous Storytime AND Sherlock Holmes Day

And more… but all culminating in our FANDOM Day! Friday Week 9 (June 14). This is a dress-up day. Look for more information next term!

noun - An enthusiast or a devotee of someone or something

noun - A community of fans, gathered around a favourite book, TV show, movie or series.

BYOF – Be Your Own Fan

"Children read to learn - even when they are reading fantasy, nonsense, light verse, comics or the copy on cereal packets, they are expanding their minds all the time, enlarging their vocabulary, making discoveries: it is all new to them."   Author Joan Aiken

Andrea King
Teacher Librarian

Assistant Principal - Wellbeing and Engagement

Xavier House initiative - Bullying

Throughout their leadership days in Year 11, the current Year 12 cohort took responsibility for issues that impact our community. Each House was designated a term that they could grow awareness for their community concern. Term 1 has seen Xavier House seniors address bullying, in particular cyberbullying, and providing students with proactive choices to alienate bullying from our community. 

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (2024) stated:

“In Australia alone, it has been estimated that one in four children have experienced some form of bullying. A report conducted by the Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study (ACBPS) which examined 20,000 students aged 8-14, found that female bullies tended to be more covert in their techniques, whilst male bullies resorted to more obvious and often physical methods of abuse. Shockingly enough, 87 percent of peers were present during bullying interactions. While most were onlookers, it is still concerning that they witnessed bullying and could potentially consider it to be acceptable behaviour”.

In alignment with the Dolly’s Dream Foundation who aim to educate young people in the impacts of bullying, anxiety and youth suicide, Xavier planned numerous activities. Students participated in activities throughout Homeclass in week 9 where they discussed what bullying is, the types of bullying and where they can go if they or someone they know is experiencing bullying. They also started their kindness jars where they wrote nice things about someone else in their Homeclass and placed in the jar to be read at another time. The College was also dressed in Blue (Dolly’s Dream colour) to show that as a College we say ‘No to Bullying’. To finish the week, students made Tay Tay friendship bracelets to exchange in an act of kindness to others.    

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is always a highlight of the term and this year was no exception. Students from African, Indian, PNG, TSI, First Nations, Philippines, Iraq, Baltic States and European cultures were all on showcase. We were blessed with the many talented performances throughout the afternoon and I thank all the students who so eagerly showcased their culture with pride. It was a wonderful afternoon allowing all students to grow in cultural understanding and empathy and embrace that we all belong here within this College community and are enrichened by all our students.    

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House Character Award - Term 1

Mercy Shield points have been cumulating throughout the term and McAuley is currently in the lead, followed closely by Xavier. Houses have been busy getting to know each other and building connections through Homeclass and House meetings. To end the term, students held House meetings where they celebrated all the successes of their House members and staff handed out a House Character Award for Mercy Values. Congratulations to:

Coolock: Beyonce Tumaine
Goretti: Olivia Soeters
McAuley: Georgia Denny
Xavier: Georgina Digby

House Character Award recipients ... Georgina, Georgia, Beyonce and Olivia.

Merit Trip

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold out for our Merit Trip to Milne Bay but we showed our Mercy ability to adapt, be flexible and pivot and we were still able to provide an afternoon full of fun and treats. 192 students met the criteria around attendance, classroom and learning behaviours and uniform. What an achievement! It was wonderful to recognise their hard work in doing all the little things well. The pastoral team spent the afternoon with these students engaging in some Just Dance, pizza, The Little Mermaid movie and sweet treats. The students were a delight to hang with and showed a great appreciation for the effort the pastoral team had put into the afternoon. 

The next Merit Trip will be based on Term 2’s data and all students will be eligible for this trip again. 

Reminders Upon Return into Term 2

As we approach Term 2 the weather has started to cool down. Please note that the winter uniform requires black stockings and a formal jumper for the formal uniform and the spray jacket for sports uniform only. Students have been asked to start thinking about getting these items organised in preparation for when we enter our changeover period. 

Throughout the holidays, students have also been asked to consider many decisions they make that may impact them on return from holidays. Students were reminded around our expectations during Wednesday’s assembly about second piercings (not allowed and no clear jewellery without Principal’s permission) and their hair choice. Homeclass teachers and the Pastoral Team really like to support students and challenging them often on following College expectations can strain relationships. We ask for your support when helping your daughters make decisions that will enable them to follow our College expectations as well. I have outlined them below so students, parents and staff can all work consistently together. 

Thank you again for working in partnership with the pastoral team to provide the education each of your daughters deserve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and require our assistance. We look forward to catching up with you at Parent Teacher Interviews. 

Megan Schulze
Assistant Principal - Wellbeing and Engagement

Japanese Host Families Wanted

The College is seeking host families for visiting Japanese students. Please see the flyer below.

Art Happenings

Year 8 students have been busy working on a Maths - Art unit applying the 'Rules" of Piet Mondrian (Neo-Plasticism, De Stijl Movement) learning about the elements and principles of design and applying maths concepts and understanding of pattern, properties of shape, the Fibonacci sequence and more. The first painting by the students is very prescriptive, with the second painting reflecting more depth in the study of "Colour Field" and "Op Art" in a more abstract painting. As you can see - They are very happy artists!

The Year 9-10 class are currently doing aerosol stencils in their unit "Off the Wall" from the "How does your gARTen Grow" unit in term 4 last year, aligned with the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

Year 9-10 Aerosol Stencils - "Off the Wall" Unit

Visual Arts in Practice Works by Lekaysha Woodbridge

Student Creations for sale in aid of Gifts 4 Girls Charity

Junior Girls' Night In

Mrs Adele Sretenovic and students Holly, Dhriti and Giliann present $300 to the local AEIOU Foundation.

Interact Club kicked of their year on Friday 16 February, hosting the annual Junior Girls Night In, with the theme a ‘Dazzling Disco.’ Led by Dhriti Shah (Youth Director), students from Years 7 to 9 came together for an exciting night filled with laughter, music and a movie. The night transformed the hall into a disco wonderland, leaving all who attended with some sparkling memories. It was a visual feast with glittering streamers at the photo booth, dazzling disco balls and a dance floor to showcase all the best moves. The girls were buzzing with energy as they arrived in their creative outfits, ranging from comfy pyjamas to disco diva.

The night begun with games and music including knights, mounts and cavaliers, Just Dance and musical chairs. Thanks to volunteers from the Rotary Club, a delicious sausage sizzle was enjoyed, along with soft drinks, chips, and lollies. The night finished on a more relaxing note with the Disney movie Coco. Dhriti said, “the Dazzling disco was a truly enjoyable night for all the junior girls. Everyone eagerly participated and it was a memorable event for all”.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the Junior Girls Night In had a purpose. Funds raised during the event contributed to our local AEIOU Foundation, a service provider for autism-specific early intervention and support. This added a meaningful layer to the fun night, and we successfully raised $300.

Congratulations Dhriti Shah, our Youth Director and the rest of the Interact Club for their dedication in hosting these fantastic nights for our students. The work that goes into the organising and running the event is always appreciated. It was marvellous.

Adele Sretenovic
Interact Coordinator

Subject Discipline Literacy (SDL) Project

Last year, Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) mandated a new project to be implemented in our secondary schools. This project was Subject Discipline Literacy or SDL. Maryanne Walsh led this initiative from TCS with support from the Education Officers, specifically Jo Tooley, for our school.

During 2023, our Middle Leaders and Executive were provided the training of the program and that has continued this year for all our full-time staff. Throughout this term, 12 secondary teachers are participating in the Lexis 3L Training - Language and Literacy for Learning. They will finish their eight modules by the end of the term.

As part of the eight Modules, participants receive their manual with various strategies, guides and tools to enhance literacy and text understanding across all subject areas to build a common language for our students.

What is the purpose you ask?

This project aims to build a common language amongst the staff to support students in providing strategies for their literacy development within specialist subjects. This means all teachers are teachers of literacy for their subject and support students in building their repertoire of literacy skills to improve their comprehension and composing. This common language and skill set supports students to develop further and enables them to become life-long learners.

Maths Support

Pi Day Activities

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Sport News

2024 Swimming Carnival Results

Congratulations to McAuley House for their outstanding efforts in winning the 2024 SSC Swimming Carnival. All house groups should be applauded for their efforts and spirits with attendance numbers being the strongest in recent years. Special thanks to our wonderful staff who provided support through the various roles including timekeeping, marshalling, judging, checking, starting and refereeing, not to mention the tough job of checking toilets and house areas as well as keeping order at the canteen. Whilst we are always going to have some issues on the day, student behaviour and participation was wonderful and a credit to the College.

2024 Swimming Age Champions ... Abby, Emmie, Chelsea, Olivia, Kayleigh, Ava and Claire. (Abbi absent from photo).

Full list of individual results can be accessed from the sports office

Immunisation Program

The Queensland School Immunisation Program for Year 7 and 10 students will take place on the following date:

MONDAY 22 JULY: Year 7 and Year 10

Year 7 Students
Consent paperwork will be handed out in Homeclass on Monday 29 April and needs to be returned to the College by Wednesday 8 May. The Clinic will then visit the College on Monday 22 July to dispense vaccinations.
Year 7 Boarders will be given the consent paperwork at the end of Term 1 to bring back when Term 2 commences.

If you have any questions regarding the Immunisation Program, please contact the Principal's Assistant, Fiona Roberts, by email: