Deputy Principal

It has been the pleasure of the leadership team and Career Development Practitioner this week to meet with Year 11 students in academic interviews. These interviews always start the same way, in asking the student to tell us: what do you dream for yourself, what are the goals in your head and heart and how can we work together so that you can achieve these goals.

It is always a pleasure then to hear them gently unfurl the scroll of their futures - sometimes proudly, clearly and without inhibition or hesitation, sometimes timidly and in a questioning manner, as if asking permission to have that particular dream. We then set about look at current courses, grades and options to move closer to that goal. It is truly the absolute best part of my job, and a privilege to be in these conversations.

This week I have been reminded of the incredible school that St Saviour’s College is and the plethora of opportunities that abound for students at this great place. I would like to outline these here:

Year 11 Semester Two UniSQ offerings:

On assembly yesterday, I spoke to all students about the incredible success of past pupil Jess Crompton. Across Year 11 and 12, Jess undertook not just one but four Headstart courses through UniSQ and in doing so was able to achieve the following:

  • Shave a full 6 months of course work off her degree (equating to finishing 6 months earlier than her peers)
  • Save thousands of dollars in reduced university coursework costs.
  • Bank 8 (8!) QCE points towards her QCE.
  • Guarantee herself and achieve early entry to her preferred course at UniSQ.

We all know there are no closed doors in education and we know that there are many pathways to university (not just ATAR). Headstart is a great way to experience uni life firsthand and try out subjects that feed student’s passions and interests. I highly recommend Year 11 students, with a B average on their Unit 1 report cards, to consider applying to undertake a Headstart course. Here is the link:

Year 10 Maths Elective Coursework

This year in Semester Two, students in Advanced Maths have the opportunity to opt into a Mathematics Elective which aims to expose them to mathematical concepts they have not previously been exposed to. This course is delivered in a hybrid manner and includes a blend of synchronous (everyone online together at the same time) and asynchronous (recorded materials accessed at different times).

I encourage all Year 10 students achieving As, Bs and Cs in advanced maths to consider this opportunity to extend, broaden and deepen their knowledge of Maths by opting into a course where there are very low stakes, and they have nothing to lose!

Year 7/8 Elective Rotations

Year 7 and 8 students are now coming to the end of their first elective rotation for the Year. In semester two, their electives will change:

Year 7
Dance to drama
Design to Digital Technology

Year 8
Art to Japanese
Music to Business

Please join me in encouraging your daughters to finish well in their current subjects and encourage them to reflect on the aspect of the subject they enjoyed, and perhaps the aspect that challenged them. Reflecting on learning is a key strategy for students to not only build connection between knowledge but also understand where their strengths and areas for development lie as learners.

Year 9/10 Electives

Semester Two elective subjects have been emailed to students and parents. If your daughter would like to change any of these, I encourage her to do so proactively this term.

Electives offered in Semester Two are as follows:

Line 1
Agricultural Science
Media Arts

Line 2
Digital Technology
Cert II Sports Coaching

Jessica Wade
Deputy Principal - Curriculum

The Great Debate

On Thursday 8 June, members of our Interact group took part in the annual Great Debate against the Rotary Club. This year the topic was ‘Should all senior high school students complete compulsory community service?’ with St Saviour’s being the affirmative team. It was a close debate but our team were able to bring home the trophy! This was an excellent effort by the team who had a wonderful time building on our partnership with the Rotary Club.

The Great Debate champions ... St Saviour’s team (from left) Kiara McMahon, Alby Darnell, Amelia Claxton and Lily Barrington with Rotary members.

Debating News

Over the past two terms, our College has entered the Queensland Debating Union Competition, which involves entering teams and debating against other local schools. We entered four teams - Year 7, Year 8, Year 10 and a Senior team this year. I have been so proud of the efforts and courage of these teams, to plan their debates and then give up their Wednesday evenings to participate in this competition in strange surroundings and against some very tough competition. All students have grown immensely in their confidence and improved their public speaking.

Year 7
Rianne Wyneth Caggauauan
Abigail Allen
Abeygail Matthews
Lacey Neighbour
Ella-Rose Bunter

Year 8
Hayley Norman
Kamryn Capewell
Ava Crighton
Felicity Higgins

Year 10
Dhriti Shah
Liz Besa
Elize Tom
Abigail Lasserre

Kiara McMahon
Abbey Crothers
Everett Wilson
Alison Douglas
Amelia Claxton

I also want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the two incredible debating coaches, Mrs King and Mrs Geldard.

Wendy Collins
Middle Leader - English and Arts

Parent Information Evening

St Mary’s College is hosting a Parent Information Evening with Paul Dillon who will be informing parents and carers about the use of alcohol and other drugs by school-aged people. Paul has been analysing trends and speaking with young people about drugs and alcohol for many years and is a well-respected expert in this field. More information on Paul Dillon’s work can be found here:


Karyn Murphy Cup 2023

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news of our recent participation in the highly competitive Karyn Murphy Cup Rugby League Competition. Our teams displayed exceptional skills, perseverance and dedication throughout the tournament, ultimately securing the top four positions in all three grades the College was entered in. We are immensely proud of our team's accomplishments and their remarkable journey throughout the competition.

From the very first game, our teams showcased their prowess, combining strategic gameplay with outstanding teamwork. Their excellent performance in the group stage allowed them to progress into the knockout phase, where the level of competition intensified significantly. With each passing match, our teams demonstrated their resilience and mettle. They battled fiercely, engaging in intense contests against formidable opponents. The semi-finals were nail-biting encounters that kept spectators on the edge of their seats, showcasing the remarkable talents of our players. Our 11/12 team were unlucky going down in the final to Lockyer District High School.

Special thanks to Mrs Schulze and Mr Wigan for their coaching efforts on the day and to Ms Amii Brown for helping with player injuries and welfare.

Vicki Wilson Netball 2023

The most remarkable aspect of our netball teams was the unwavering team spirit and the sheer enjoyment we derived from playing together. Our players displayed tremendous camaraderie both on and off the court, fostering an environment where everyone felt welcomed and included. We embraced the true essence of netball by emphasising teamwork, sportsmanship and most importantly, having fun. Both the senior and junior teams finished mid table, however, both teams were made up of players that can play again next year so there is a foundation for 2024. The senior team finished 4th in their pool and the Junior shield team finished 6th overall in their pool of nine teams.

Special thanks to Mrs Jodie Frost, Keelie and Kristy Ross, along with Ms Tammy Banks for providing support and coaching to the students on the day.

Monday Soccer Competition

The Monday soccer competition has been a little stop-start due to the recent rain that has fallen making the limited number of grounds available unplayable. This has led to our group not really being able to find their rhythm over the first few weeks. With a win against Mary Mac, our girls are still scoring goals and have made a huge improvement on their game awareness and tactical prowess. Some of our Year 7 and 8 students are doing well including Daeja, Emily, Happy, Victoria, Ajah, Adieu, Adela, Vaishali and Ava who are competing against Year 10 students. If the weather holds, the girls will play again on Monday 12 June at St Mary’s College.

SWQ Touch

Southwest Queensland Touch Association is excited to confirm that the Swans Schools Cup is returning for 2023. It will commence Week 2, Term 3 on the 17 July 2023. Student expression of interest is now being conducted and training and trials will commence very soon (Week 8 and 9). Any student wishing to play in either the Monday competition or the Swans Cup should attend all meetings and training sessions.

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday Night Volleyball will continue into Term 3.
  • Monday Soccer Competition will continue into Term 3.
  • Saturday 10 June: Pink Day Netball (Saturday Netball Final round for Term 2) 2pm start
  • Tuesday 25 July: SSI Soccer Senior Gala Day
  • Monday 17 July: SWQ Touch Football Competition starts
  • Friday 28 July: SWQ Futsal Champions of Champions - Brisbane
  • Sunday 6 August: Swans Secondary All Schools
  • Sunday 13 August: AAG Basketball Senior Group
  • Sunday 27 August: AAG Basketball 9/10 Age Group

Greg Leathart
Sport and Activities/HPE

McAuley House

This month has been a busy and exciting month at our boarding house. 

Year 9 girls enjoyed their survival camp at Emu Gully with lots of muddy, wet fun. They camped out in tents with their ration packs for “survival”. A great experience, although they were pleased to get back to having their meals cooked and a comfortable bed at boarding.

The boarders' social was another great night for the girls. We had an extra shopping trip to get supplies for the “R&B 2000” theme. Four local boarding schools were invited so the hall was ‘a rocking’ with great “R&B” tunes. It was great to see the girls dressing up for the theme and having a great time.

We had a day trip to the multicultural festival in Laidley and enjoyed food, dancing and the opportunity to celebrate all cultures and their traditions.

Reconciliation Week was another celebration for our girls with many families travelling to attend. We are particularly proud of Holly Anderson for displaying her exceptional skills while being the “master of ceremonies” at the breakfast and also Keasharn Sands-Hart for her amazing speech about her background and culture. Our Duhan Island girls were also amazing doing their cultural dance which is an honor for us to see.

SSC Students on Stage

This year’s TCS Youth Choir musical theatre production will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on stage at the Empire Theatre on Saturday 8 July and we are delighted two of our students, Mairead Obst and Sophie Moore, will be involved.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory promises to be an unforgettable theatrical experience for both children and adults alike. Prepare to be whisked away on a wondrous adventure into the world of Willy Wonka, where dreams come true and anything is possible.

Based on the famous novel by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the story of the world famous Willy Wonka opening the gates to his mysterious factory...but only to a lucky few. Young Charlie Bucket and four other golden ticket winners will embark on a life changing journey through Wonka’s world of pure imagination.



“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses ... to the ends of the earth”  (Acts 1: 8)

Late last month, the feast of Pentecost was celebrated. Pentecost is known as the birthday of the Church because this was the day that the first Christians took up their post and became the witnesses they were called to be; beginning their quest to spread the good news, sharing the stories of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Pentecost, as an event, is an outward expression of the strength of God’s spirit and our place in the Holy Trinity. While Mary and apostles waited in fear in the small room in which they gathered, they could not have been prepared for the great gift that was about to be given to them. The Holy Spirit gifted them with seven qualities that were hallmarks of Jesus’ witness. Through this experience, these qualities became their own which prepared them to take on the onerous task to be witnesses throughout the world.

The gifts of wisdom, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety (reverence), and fear of the Lord (awe and wonder in God’s presence), are universal and great qualities that evolve over our lifetime. Sometimes we use these gifts well; other times – not so much. If these gifts play out in our lives, the fruits of these gifts manifest in the following ways: through our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Gal 5: 22).

For me, Pentecost always takes me back to my reception of the sacrament of Confirmation at the tender age of 12. Little did I know then to what extent these gifts would lead and guide me in living out my life and ministry as a teacher. Frequently, I see the fruits of these gifts in the daily encounters I enjoy with others; gifts which capture all that is good about our graced human experience.

Our challenge is to, consciously and frequently make good and practical use of the gifts of the spirit in our own lives, and by doing so we bear fruit through the relationships we enjoy with all humankind.

A New Bishop for Toowoomba

We look forward to welcoming Bishop Ken Howell as the seventh Bishop of Toowoomba. Pope Francis announced this appointment on 24 May. Bishop Ken will be installed at a special Mass on 11 July, of which some of our students will be involved and participating. We give thanks to Bishop Robert McGuckin for the gift he has been to the Toowoomba diocese for over a decade of service and we wish him all the very best as he moves into a well-deserved retirement.

Reconciliation Week Breakfast

Special thanks to all who were involved with last week’s annual Reconciliation Breakfast. It was a wonderful celebration of our First Nations people and the richness their culture brings to our lives, reminding us all to ‘be a voice for generations’. It was also a great time to gather with many of our boarders’ families who had travelled far to join us for the celebration and the subsequent weekend. Special thanks to all our special guests and dignitaries from local government and Toowoomba Catholic Schools for their attendance and to the many schools who joined us: St Mary’s College, St Joseph’s College, Holy Name School, Downlands College, The Glennie School, Fairholme College, Concordia College and Wilsonton State School. To Kiki Sands-Hart, our Guest Speaker; Holly Anderson, our MC; to our talented performers; to our caterers – CaterCare and Mrs Potter and our Hospitality students. Special thanks to our many admin officers and events team, ably led by Miss Harriette Spork and Mrs Kerri Prentice, for their organisation of the event. Thank you to our Toowoomba Catholic Schools for their sponsorship of the event.

Gatherings such as these assert our collective commitment to ‘be a voice for generations’.

School Officers' Day

On Wednesday 14 June, we celebrate the annual School Officers’ Day. It is a timely reminder to us all for the great work our school officers do in our College in supporting both teaching staff and students. Sincere thanks to all our School Officers for all you do in making St Saviour’s College the great place it is. Your tireless work does not go unnoticed!

Mrs Allie Beeston – Support Officer
Mrs Amii Brown – Community Liaison Champion
Mrs Crystal Charles – Finance Officer
Mrs Lisa Cocks – Careers Support Officer
Miss Charlotte Croker – Support Officer
Mrs Julie-Anne Flynn – Library Aide
Mr Warren Gardner – Groundsman
Ms Renee Hunter – College Counsellor
Mrs Susan Justice – Support Officer
Mrs Kathy McDonald – Administration Officer
Ms Veronica McGovern – Support Officer
Mrs Pam Neilson – Finance Officer
Mr Ishara Perera – IT Manager
Mrs Chloe Pile – WHS Officer
Mrs Kerri Prentice – Administration Officer
Mrs Fiona Roberts – Principal’s Assistant
Mrs Helen Ryan – College Chaplain
Miss Harriette Spork – Events and Marketing Officer
Mr Paul Stokell – Lab Technician
Mrs Xenia Taylor – Business Manager
Mr Sam Templeton – Groundsman
Miss Elysse Thomas – Administration/Support Officer
Mrs Mollie Urquhart – Support Officer
Mrs Julie Willet – Administration Officer
Mrs Ann Young – Administration Officer

Thank You

Sincere thanks to Mrs Jessica Wade who so ably deputised for me in the Acting Principal role for the first six weeks of this term whilst I was in Dalby. I am grateful for her willingness to do so, her leadership and commitment to St Saviour’s College. Sincere thanks also to Ms Leah Dempster, Mr Chris Grierson and Mrs Alyson Holmes who all assumed acting roles during this time. I am grateful for the collective potential we have in our staff to step into new roles, furthering their own leadership development.

Blessings for the coming weeks.

Sharon Collins

Urgently Seeking Host Families

We are urgently seeking host families for Japanese students visiting 17-29 July 2023. Some of our wonderful families have already agreed to host students in the second round of visits but we urgently require nine families to host students in this first round.

Please see the flyer below for information and payment amounts. There may be a chance families could host two students and if so the payment will be double the amount as shown on the flyer.

We would love to hear from you. You can obtain a Host Family Application Form by contacting Japanese teacher, Ms Jane Greenhalgh via email: or phone 4637 1600.

Hospitality Happenings

On the 31 May 2023, the Year 11/12 Hospitality class travelled with Mrs Potter and Mrs Justice to the Toowoomba TAFE campus to take part in The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)’s 2023 Toowoomba Careers Roadshow.

This fun, interactive event, showcased the vast range of career opportunities in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and introduced industry professionals who shared their personal career journeys.

Students also took part of in a range of activities including cookery, mixology, a panel Q&A and a short offsite tour of Cobb & Co. Museum.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience first-hand industry exposure, while talking with a range of industry professionals.

On Friday 2 June, the students once again woke early to assist with food and beverage service at our annual St Saviour’s College Reconciliation Breakfast.

The students have undertaken a wide range of practical experiences so far this year and are well on their way to achieving their Practical Logbook Hours towards their Certificate III in Hospitality.

Jennifer Potter
Hospitality Teacher

Libary News


As June begins and winter arrives, we start to draw close to the end of the term. With the end of the term comes time for resources to be returned to the library. This is specifically for resources from the library collection and not textbooks that are still needed. Any novels/plays for class that are finished with can also be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I borrow over the holidays?
Yes. All holidays except Christmas holidays.

Are there restrictions to borrowing over the holidays?
Yes. You cannot have any resources that are overdue, all outstanding resources must be returned before you can borrow for the holidays.

When are they due back?
They will be due in the first couple of days back at school. Bring them with you on the first day of school and place them in the return slot.

What’s Happening in the Library?

As May ended so too did our Month of Reading, concluding with our Sherlock Holmes Day celebration and competition.

Coming up during our last week is World Music Day!

Celebrated on: 21 June every year.

Established: 1982 in France.

Aim of Day: To promote music and encourage everybody to experience the joy of playing or listening to music. To bring people closer together through music.

Also known as: Fete de la Musique.

Observed in: Over 120 nations, with free public concerts.

MANGA being Enjoyed!

Students are loving the new Manga books being introduced into our library. We even have a visit from our Manga book supplier Zombster happening on Friday. This will occur during first break so our interested students can come along and browse some of the options open to them. What a great opportunity for our students to have a say in their collection beyond the suggestion box!

New Books in the Library!

Our new books keep rolling in so keep an eye on our spinner and bookshelves to see what new resources across our collections are available, especially as we come closer to the holidays and may have some time to relax and read (even better rugged up on these cold days!).

Graphic Collection

New Books Collection

Non-Fiction Collection

Senior Collection - for our Year 10-12 Students

Looking to Help our School by Volunteering, We Here at the Library are Looking for You!

Interested in volunteering at the library – looking for interested parties to help with reshelving books, helping with displays, laminating, covering books (after a workshop on how to do it) and possible other activities.

If you are interested, please email Andrea King with your days, times available, name and phone number.

Many thanks for supporting our school library.

To Continue the Importance of our School Libraries and Library Staff:

Excerpt from:
Godfree, H. & Neilson, O. (2018). School libraries matter! The missing piece in the education puzzle. Scan 37(9). (Reprinted from ACCESS, 32(1), March 2018).

Abundant data show the positive impact qualified teacher librarians (TLs) have on literacy outcomes (Todd & Kuhlthau, 2005a; Todd & Kuhlthau, 2005b; Francis, Lance & Lietzau, 2010; Kachel, 2011; Hughes et al., 2013; Scholastic Library Publishing, 2016; Softlink, 2015; Softlink, 2016; Softlink, 2017). This impact is significant and independent of socio-economic status (Lance & Hofschire, 2012; Pennsylvania School Library Project, 2012; Scholastic Library Publishing, 2016, p. 9). TLs also specialise in differentiated, inquiry learning, which is a strong focus in the Australian Curriculum (Lupton, 2013; Nayler, 2014; ACARA, 2018) and the Early Years Learning Framework (Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2009).

TLs help students and teachers improve their digital literacy skills, which, contrary to stubborn, popular belief, do not come ‘naturally’ to anyone (Kirschner & De Bruyckere, 2017). We are naive if we expect students to become information and digitally literate without a comprehensive program of learning (Fraillon et al., 2014, pp. 24–25). School library services provide tailored resources and skills-based lessons for each particular community, saving time, filling ‘gaps’ and reducing workload for classroom teachers who are then able to spend that extra time and energy planning better lessons.

Date Claimers:

June 21: World Music Day

Author Roald Dahl (British novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter, and wartime fighter pilot)
“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.”

Andrea King
Teacher Librarian

From the Careers Centre

First Job Competition

Here are the winners from the St Saviour's College Staff - First Job Competition held during National Careers Week. With a great participation rate, this competition allowed students to see the diverse range of jobs teachers and staff started their paid working life in, before their current roles. First place with a perfect score of 40/40 was Bianca who won a Grand Central Voucher. Second place was Hope and third place was Holly who both won movie vouchers.

Winners ... Holly, Hope and Bianca.

Work Experience Can Change How You View Your Options

Work Experience gives you a chance to try out a career you’ve been considering before you tie yourself in. You’ll get opportunities to try skills, tour the workplace, and see what the job is really about. Rule out roles that won’t suit your talents or lifestyle, and you’ll also be able to meet and speak with other people working in potential roles you could fill.

Without Work Experience, you will need to rely on the accounts of others or what you think the job will be like. There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself, so before you embark on further study or choose subjects make sure you know what the job could really be like.


Make it easier to focus on your studies with financial support. You'll find hundreds of scholarships in our database to suit every student. A scholarship is a part-payment or full-payment of your course or study fees (which may also include things like accommodation, travel, mentoring and living expenses). They’re offered because people can see the value of further study and want to remove the barriers to study that some people experience, and to reward students for hard work.

Latest Scholarship News

Scholarships aren't just for high achievers. Scholarships generally fit into two categories – one based on your personal achievements, and one that helps people who may have been disadvantaged. There are also scholarships for special interest groups, such as for the children of veterans, or agricultural industry scholarships.

Equity scholarships: Financial Hardship, Disturbance/upheaval at school, Remote & Regional Students, Female Students, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and Refugee Status

Merit scholarships: Academic Achievement, Sporting Ability, All-round Achievement and Community Service

While some scholarships are highly competitive, others often fail to attract applicants – which means anyone who applies (and meets the eligibility criteria) could find themselves successful. Applying for scholarships is good practice for applying for jobs later on, plus scholarships look amazing on your resume, so apply even if you don’t think you’ll get it. You never know what could happen.

Which scholarship is right for me?

First, you could choose your preferred university, TAFE or VET provider, then see what scholarships they offer. Or, you could search for scholarships, find ones that would be suitable and apply for them all, then choose your institution and program based on which ones you receive. There’s no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for, as long as you’re eligible.

Alyson Holmes
Acting Career Development Practitioner

Here is a great opportunity for students in Years 9 - 12 to book real-world, personalised video conversations with women working in ‘non-traditional’ roles and industries. Students have the opportunity to book calls with an engineer, data scientist, fire fighter, apprentice carpenter, police officer, data analytics consultant, field ranger and more. Visit Home - UNIQ You for more information or click on the links below to register your daughter.

Assistant Principal - Mission and Student Wellbeing

Recognition of our Nations Traditional Ancestors

Last week marked an important time in our school calendar. It is one, where as a community, we acknowledge and learn about the culture of our Indigenous sisters and in doing so play our role in reconciliation. Our core Catholic beliefs focus on reconciliation. Every time we attend Mass, we have the opportunity to reflect on our own sins and shortcomings and seek forgiveness. Then later, we share a sign of peace with one another, it is this peace with one another reconciliation seeks to achieve.

Indigenous students were given the opportunity to share their culture at the College Reconciliation Breakfast through dance but also during lunchtimes where they engaged with other students, playing traditional Indigenous games. It was such a joy to have some of our boarding families join us during the week as well. Together during assembly, students recognised the need for reconciliation as we prayed together for a nation where all are acknowledged and belong, inspiring our students to embrace this year’s theme of “Be a Voice for Future Generations”. 

“Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.
(Reconciliation Australia, 2020)


Toowoomba Catholic Schools and our College recognise that attendance at school is important. The Queensland Department of Education (2021) concluded from their research that:

"Poor school attendance is associated with:

  • lower academic achievement including literacy and numeracy
  • early school leaving
  • leaving school with fewer qualifications
  • reduced opportunities for students to learn and access educational resources, further limiting achievement
  • further absenteeism in higher year levels
  • increased alcohol, tobacco and substance use in adolescents.”

Covid showed us that there is some capacity for students to work at home when needed but being at school to engage in their education is when the real learning happens. In today’s era, anyone can find information online and read it. It is having the scaffolding from a teacher around content and the interactions with peers throughout carefully planned activities that move learners from point A to point B with their learning. It is in the classroom, where teachers constantly make judgements that informs the progression of the lesson and shapes future activities. All these factors accumulate in an environment where learning is a process, an environment which is not replicated when students try to individually engage with their learning at home. 

Our current goal is to have attendance for students above 90% (1 day off a fortnight). At times, there will be events (illness, loss of a loved one etc) that impact on attendance. We understand that these happen but we ask that you work with us to keep teachers, pastoral leaders and administrators in the loop. This can be done by utilising the Sentral app, where you can lodge an absenteeism with details, or by calling the office. As a part of our duty of care to students it is essential that each day, if a student is absent, this needs to be explained.  

The data captured in the image above is one where on the system a student has not been explained as absent in red (green is present/yellow explained absences). As a part of our system, SMS notifications are sent and it is appreciated in the follow up if Sentral is updated or a reply to SMS is received. When this hasn’t happened, we will endeavour to continue to follow up. If you are unable to use the Sentral app, please contact Ann Young at reception and she will provide support in setting this up. It is our aim to see no red to ensure that each student is accounted for and that their education is a priority.  

If school refusal is becoming an ongoing issue, please contact the school so we can work together to implement strategies to encourage school attendance. We have a pastoral team, including a school counsellor, chaplain, middle leaders and Homeclass teachers who are all here to support your child’s education. 

Megan Schulze
Assistant Principal - Mission and Student Wellbeing

Urgently Seeking Host Families

We are urgently seeking host families for Japanese students visiting 17-29 July 2023. Some of our wonderful families have already agreed to host students in the second round of visits but we urgently require nine families to host students in this first round.

Please see the flyer below for information and payment amounts. There may be a chance families could host two students and if so the payment will be double the amount as shown on the flyer.

We would love to hear from you. You can obtain a Host Family Application Form by contacting Japanese teacher, Ms Jane Greenhalgh via email: or phone 4637 1600.

Yukana Morning Tea

On Saturday morning, the St Saviour's College Interact Club, Saviour's Sisters choir, Mrs Judd and Mrs Potter attended Yukana Retirement Village, along with local Rotary members, for an early Mother's Day morning tea with Yukana residents.

The guests were entertained with several songs performed by the choir, as well as solo performances by Penny Sanders, Alby Darnell and Mrs Potter, and a beautiful poetry reading by Mairead Obst. 

Morning tea was provided by the Rotary Club and the students enjoyed speaking with the Yukana guests. 

The College was gifted a beautiful book from resident Irene Maskell O.A.M's own personal collection with a lovely, personalised note inside.

The choir (above) and solo performers Penny, Mairead, Alby and Mrs Potter (below) perform for Yukana residents at a Mother's Day morning tea.

Bishop Ken Howell Appointed Seventh Bishop of Toowoomba

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Ken Howell, who has served as Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane since 2017, the seventh Bishop of Toowoomba.

Bishop Howell will succeed Bishop Robert McGuckin, who has led the Diocese of Toowoomba since 2012, whose resignation Pope Francis has accepted.

“I am deeply humbled to be called by Pope Francis to shepherd this local Church and I thank him sincerely,” Bishop Howell said.

“I realise that I have been given a great responsibility to care for the faithful and to engage in the life of the broader community across the Diocese.”

After serving as a priest of the Archdiocese of Brisbane for 40 years, and the last six as auxiliary bishop, Bishop Howell conceded there was a “touch of sadness” in leaving.

“However, I do not come to Toowoomba as a stranger,” he said.

“The close links between Brisbane and Toowoomba have been longstanding and I know many of the priests of the Diocese.

“I come with a desire to listen to God’s people and to understand and grow in love for the mission of this local Church. It is my firm hope that I may accompany the community of the Church of Toowoomba, as together we seek to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world.”

In addition to parish ministry and leadership positions within the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Bishop Howell completed a licentiate in sacred liturgy at the Pontifical Institute Sant’Anselmo in Rome and served as vice rector of Holy Spirit Seminary, the Queensland regional seminary, for six years.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB welcomed Bishop Howell’s appointment.

“Having worked as secretary to Archbishop John Bathersby, and as Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General in Brisbane, he will arrive well equipped for this new ministry to which he has been called,” he said.

“He has been a valued member of the Bishops Conference for the past six years.”

Archbishop Costelloe also paid tribute to Bishop McGuckin, saying he “offered the Conference great service for more than a decade, providing exceptional leadership particularly in the area of canon law”.

“His episcopal ministry has been generous, extending well beyond the normal age of retirement to serve the people of Toowoomba and the Church in Australia,” Archbishop Costelloe said.

Bishop McGuckin said he had been “privileged” to serve as Bishop of Toowoomba for 11 years and wished Bishop Howell “every blessing as he takes up his pastoral ministry in this vast and special Diocese”.

“The people of the Archdiocese of Brisbane will be sad at losing Bishop Ken, but rest assured Bishop Ken will be warmly welcomed to Toowoomba,” Bishop McGuckin said.

Bishop Howell’s installation as Bishop of Toowoomba is scheduled for July 11 at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Hospitality Happenings

Our Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students have had a busy fortnight, with two very early morning starts.

On Tuesday 9 May, Mrs Potter and the Hospitality students volunteered at the 29th Annual Mayoral Prayer Breakfast at Rumours International helping to greet, seat and serve over 600 guests. The girls were fantastic representatives for SSC and did a wonderful job. Several guests commented on the girls’ manners and approachability.

On Friday 12 May, the Hospitality girls were up early once again, this time assisting at our SSC Mother’s Day Breakfast. The students spent their Thursday afternoon lesson helping to set up for the function, then arrived at 6am Friday morning to finalise setting up, before serving food and drinks to over 130 guests. The girls had constructed and followed a workplan and worked as a team to ensure a seamless morning. 

These service opportunities help the students to increase their workplace knowledge, teamwork abilities, and customer service skills while counting towards workplace experience hours for their Certificates III in Hospitality.

Libary News


What’s Happening in the Library?

May has been a huge month for us here in the library.

We kicked it off with May the 4th Be With you and Revenge of the 5th!

We also held our first ever Paper Plane competition. A great time was had by all who entered with making their planes and then seeing who could throw it the furthest from a standing start. We also looked at the planes that showed some great creativity in their making. Congratulations to our winners and runners up who were presented with their prizes on assembly last week.

Paper plane competition winners and runners up.

We then kept our push of reading during the month of May going with new books being on display (check out the section on New Books in the Library! Below). We are closing our month with our Sherlock Holmes day. We have provided a little competition of solving the mystery by solving the clues and students are furiously working on the clues to have them solved.

We also put on display some great mystery stories, both new and old.

New Books in the Library!

This week we are focusing on our Manga collection! We have a wide variety of new Manga being added – both continuing series and brand-new series. Check them out below, make a reservation through our online Library site or visit us in the library and see them on display.

Graphic Collection

New Books Collection

Non-Fiction Collection

Senior Collection

Looking to Help our School by Volunteering, We Here at the Library are Looking for You!

Interested in volunteering at the library – looking for interested parties to help with reshelving books, helping with displays, laminating, covering books (after a workshop on how to do it) and possible other activities.

If you are interested, please email Andrea King with your days, times available, name and phone number.

Many thanks for supporting our school library.

“Advocates argue the professional role [of Teacher Librarians and Teachers], jointly focused on students' literacy, digital and research skills, has never been more important.” (Chrysanthos, 2020)

Date Claimers:

June 5: World Environment Day

June 8: World Oceans Day

June 21: World Music Day

Author Roald Dahl (British novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter, and wartime fighter pilot)
“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.”

Andrea King
Teacher Librarian

Year 9-10 Visual Art

Both classes for Artmaking this term started off with a study of Barbara Kruger, an influential Post-Modern Artist. Kruger worked in print advertising in the heady world of 1980’s commercialism in the USA and began practicing as an Artist using the very same techniques advertisers used to sell products. Her hard-hitting works comment on social justice issues facing women and questioning cultural norms. Students chose a theme inspired by Kruger’s oeuvre and created collage works using photography, text and monochrome colours. They studied irony, pastiche and appropriation to engage audiences in their artworks. Students are now completing screen prints to continue with further skill development.

Saviour's Sisters

Week 5 saw an incredibly busy week for the Saviour’s Sisters Performance Choir. Following on from their Eisteddfod performance on Saturday 6 May, the students had three more opportunities to perform in Week 5.

On Thursday 11 May, the Saviour’s Sisters delighted staff, students and invited guests with their beautiful hymns performed in St Patrick’s Cathedral for Catherine McAuley Day, including a sung version of Catherine McAuley’s ‘Suscipe’ and ‘An Old Irish Blessing’ in honour of our founder, Catherine McAuley.

Later that day, the choir led a rousing rendition of ‘Mercy Girl’ at the shared lunch that took place in the Callaghan Centre.

Catherine McAuley Day choir performances (above and below).

On Friday, 12 May, the Saviour’s Sisters performed ‘When I Grow Up’ for their maternal figures at our SSC Mother’s Day Breakfast. Despite some technical difficulties, the students sang beautifully and remained professional throughout their performance.

Mother's Day breakfast performance.

Ending the busy week, the students then travelled to Yukana Retirement Village with the Interact students and Rotary Club to perform for the Yukana residents for a Mother’s Day morning tea.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated ‘Saviour’s Sisters’ and their families for continuing to support the co-curricular Arts program here at SSC. These students work incredibly hard, rehearsing twice a week, constantly expanding their repertoire and often performing with very little notice or time to rehearse new work. They are the epitome of Mercy girls, always demonstrating our values of Integrity, Justice, Hospitality, Excellence and Compassion.

A big thank you also goes to our accompanist Fr Nathan Webb, who constantly brings a sense of joy to all of our rehearsals.

Jenni Potter
Co-curricular Music Co-ordinator

Acting Deputy Principal

Connecting, Communicating and Conquering Challenges: Student Assessment Phase Semester 1

As we transition into the assessment phase of learning for our students in Years 7-10, we appreciate your continued partnership and support to ensure their success. Week 6 presents an opportune moment to re-visit the assessment calendars (published in our school portal) and have a constructive conversation with your daughter about her preparation plans for the upcoming weeks.

We encourage you to set aside some time this week to engage in a conversation with your daughter about her impending assessments. Here are some questions to prompt your discussion:

  • Do I understand the requirements and expectations for my upcoming assessment?
  • If not, where can I source the information I need?
  • Have I organised my study materials for upcoming exams or assignments? (This could include books, notes, Canvas, class OneNote).
  • How can I apply my knowledge and skills before the actual assessment?

It is not uncommon for students to feel a level of stress and pressure during this phase. However, proper organisation, planning and preparation can significantly mitigate these feelings. Now may also be an excellent time to discuss stress management techniques, such as mindfulness strategies and deep breathing exercises.

Please remind your daughter that some stress is completely normal. It can, in fact, serve as a motivator to help us perform at our optimal level. A crucial part of navigating high-pressure situations is understanding and accepting that everyone experiences some level of anxiety and stress. Let's work together to help our students navigate this critical phase of their learning journey confidently and successfully.

Changes to Academic Reports: Year 11 and 12 Unit 1/3 Reports

Please note that our Academic Reports for this semester will emphasise learning behaviours and pastoral comments, offering a fuller picture of your daughter's academic journey. At the end of Week 7, we will publish Year 11 and 12 Unit 1 and Unit 3 reports on the parent portal. These reports will detail your daughter's progress in General, Applied and Certificate courses, highlighting her learning behaviours, the covered content and her overall performance in each subject. We encourage you to review this feedback together and discuss potential growth areas.

Should you have any questions regarding these reports, please reach out to your daughter's classroom teacher. We appreciate your support as we refine our academic reporting.

Giving ATAR Eligible Students Every Opportunity to Succeed

The Toowoomba Catholic Schools mission states that “We believe in academic success within a distinctively Catholic community”. The two key pillars of this mission ‘academic success’ and Catholic community’ come together through the Diocese's External Examination Preparation Program (EEPP).

Held in the second week of the September school holidays, EEPP brings students from across the eight Diocesan (Catholic community) schools together in Toowoomba to undertake a specialised program designed to enhance performance (academic success) in Queensland’s common external examinations, held in October.

At EEPP students will have the opportunity to be guided in their preparation by an expert mentor. Each mentor has been selected, not only because of their expertise in their subject area, but most importantly, because of their experience with the external examination process. Many of them are employed by the QCAA as external examination markers or as assessment confirmers, so they are indeed experts, able to pass on the nuanced skills that can make all the difference in a student’s results.

This year, EEPP is being conducted from Sunday 24 September through to Friday 29 September and will be held at the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office in Toowoomba (opposite St Saviour’s College). A select number of subjects will be offered across the six days, with each subject involving two four-hour sessions on consecutive days. Students can select the subjects that best suit their particular needs and EEPP’s timetable.

Further details including a timetable and costings will be sent to parents shortly.

Year 11 Academic Interviews: Tailoring Pathways for Success

The first round of Year 11 Academic Interviews will be conducted in Week 8. These interviews form an integral part of planning and adjusting senior pathways, with the aim of ensuring all students are on the right track to attain a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and achieve their post-schooling aspirations.

If your daughter is contemplating changing pathways or subjects, this is the ideal time to do so, as many subjects will commence Unit 2 work in the following week.

Leah Dempster
Acting Deputy Principal - Curriculum