College Prospectus

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Daily life at the College:

Each student is allocated their own locker. Students are required to purchase a padlock as part of their Book List. The College has available from the office a specific combination lock for purchase or students can provide a suitable lock themselves.  Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their lockers. Lockers may be opened and inspected at any time by College staff. If this is necessary, the student will be informed and offered the opportunity to be present.  Codes for padlocks purchased from the College are kept securely in the office and any padlocks provided by students require a spare key to be left with Home Class teachers.

Lost Property:
Lost property will only be held by the school for a period of two weeks. Named lost property will be located at Student Services. Students will need to search through their relevant house container to locate any lost items. Any unnamed or non school items will be held at Student Services. If these items remain unclaimed they will be forwarded to the second hand uniform shop, or to charity. Please encourage your daughter to check these areas as soon as the item is lost to avoid an unnecessary build up of items.

Student Drivers:
Licensed students are permitted to drive themselves and siblings/family members to and from school. Transportation of other students can only occur with the written consent from both parents/carers of the driver and the passenger. A College permission form must be completed and approval from the Principal be granted prior to driving to school. Register of permission is maintained at the office. Please NOTE council restrictions apply for parking and the College takes no responsibility for any fines or consequences the may occur.

Absences: What do I do when:

I am absent:
On the day I am absent my parent / carer must ring the College Absentee Line (4637 1615) to explain my absence before 9.00am. On the day I return to school I must hand a note to my Homeclass Teacher.

I am late for School:
I must obtain a late arrival slip from Student Services and hand it to the teacher on arrival at class. I must have a note or my parent / carer must contact the College to explain my lateness.

I plan to be absent (special leave):
If I know in advance that I am going to be absent I must ask my parent / carer to notify the College in writing 2 weeks prior to my absence. I must then collect “Leave Request form” (from the Assistant Principal Curriculum) which I take to all my teachers to ensure that any work requirements and assessment are met. I then return this form to the Assistant Principal Curriculum. The Students Services School Officer will copy and I will collect from Student Services. This process takes two weeks from the time of the request. The College encourages all appointments and holidays to be planned during school vacation period.

I am late to class:
I must obtain a note from the previous teacher. If this is not available then I must make up the time as directed by the teacher.

I have to leave school early:
If I have to leave school early I must provide a signed and dated note from my parent / carer, stating the reason. I show this to my Homeclass teacher during morning Homeclass, and then take it immediately to the Student Services where I will be given an early departure slip. When I leave the College, I must show the slip to my classroom teacher, and then sign out at Student Services.

I am wearing incorrect uniform (e.g. shoes or jumper):
Present a note of explanation to my Homeclass Teacher and have my student planner signed. I understand that if I have no valid reason other discipline strategies may occur.

I become ill at school:
If I become ill I must notify my class teacher and report to the Student Services. I must not contact my parents before seeing Student Services.

I need to take medication:
I need to bring the medication labelled with a pharmacy label and a letter from the doctor explaining the dosage. This is to be kept securely by the Student Services Officer. I am aware that the College is unable to administer Paracetamol (or similar) unless the above standards have been met.

I need an assignment extension:
I may be granted an extension of a set number of days under the following circumstances:

  • If I consult my teacher three days prior to the due date and sufficient reason for an extension is determined. I need to complete an extension application, which is signed by the Middle Leader – Learning and Teaching, and the Assistant Principal Curriculum. The completed and approved extension form must be attached to the piece of assessment.
  • I am aware that special consideration is negotiated through the Assistant Principal Curriculum.

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